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  Focus: Food Science November 2004
A Sweet Piece of the Food Pyramid   A Sweet Piece of the Food Pyramid (120 KB PDF)
NIST has “raised the bar” with standard values for key nutrients in baking chocolate.
Pili A. Hawes
Farming for Pharmaceuticals   Farming for Pharmaceuticals (172 KB PDF)
Genetically modified crops promise a “corn-o-pharmacopoeia.”
Mark S. Lesney

Update (92 KB PDF)
Research News and Science Bits

Systems & Data Handling
LIMS Goes Global
(60 KB PDF)
Standardization and its effect on reducing the total cost of ownership
Jim Neville

Instruments & Applications
IMS for Drugmaking
(68 KB PDF)
Ion mobility spectrometry can improve pharmaceutical companies’ production efficiency.
Yanxi Tan and Reno DeBono


Technology & Tools
Looking for Isotopes
(60 KB PDF)
Three varieties of MS have become the technologies of choice in determining isotope ratios.
Michael J. Felton

General Interest  

For Openers
Genetics and Society
(32 KB PDF)
James F. Ryan

Chemistry Chronicles
Anniversary of a Tragedy
(68 KB PDF)
After 20 years of suffering in Bhopal, questions and demands for justice still remain.
Richard A. Pizzi
A letter to the editor concerning this article

Chemist's Bookshelf (44 KB PDF)
Practical Guide to ICP-MS
Reviewed by Mark S. Lesney


Health Perspectives
Caveat Emptor
(88 KB PDF)
Dietary supplements are not evaluated by the FDA before being sold.
Mary Ann Ryan

Crossword Puzzle
Food Fare
(28 KB PDF) || Solution (html)
Marge Deibel

Lighter Elements (64 KB PDF)
Humorous tales from readers and other sources . . . plus a cartoon.


Product Profile
Labware Washers
(60 KB PDF)
Michael J. Felton


Product Information (html)
New products, literature, and websites.

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