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January 1999
Volume 8, Number 1


36 The Red Queen's Race: Combinatorial Chemistry Feeds the Need for Speed
"Too few new drugs are being developed to replace those that have lost their effectiveness. In the race for supremacy, microbes are sprinting ahead."
Mark S. Lesney
44 Taking Drug Discovery to New Heights
Advances in bioinformatics boost research efficiency.
Michael Sullivan
48 Worldwide Alliance Pursues Discovery Tools
Pharmaceutical and software firms focus on HTS and data mining.
Rob Brown


7 For Openers
Growing Satisfaction
James F. Ryan
12 Update
News in brief--business, government, science
17 Computers in Chemistry
Drug Designers Are "Shotgunning" for Success
A $300 billion global market drives the demand for software and systems in combinatorial chemistry.
Terrance A. Rooney
27 Keeping Up
Meetings, conferences, and short courses
31 Workplace Perspectives
Measuring Diversity's Benefits
In companies with diverse workforces, studies show a plus for the bottom line.
John K. Borchardt
53 Industry Today
Robust Economy Lifts R&D Funding
Drug firms account for most of the expansion in the chemical industry.
David M. Kiefer
57 Health Perspectives
Is It the Winter Blues, or Is It Truly SAD?
Seasonal affective disorder can be treated with phototherapy.
Mary Ann Ryan
61 Personal Business
Breaking the Mutual Fund Prospectus Code
Also: Tax tips for withdrawing retirement dollars
Dickinson J. Miller
65 Regulations and You
Germany Is Going Green
An alliance with the Social Democrats strengthens the environmental movement.
Clare Gerlach and Hubert Hein
69 The Way We Were
When Coal Tar Was King
From 1857 until World War II, this fuel byproduct fed the organic chemicals industry.
David M. Kiefer
71 Profiles in Chemistry
A Renaissance Man of Drug Discovery
Favoring computer programs over the lab bench has served Dick Cramer well.
Joan Moynihan
73 The Chemists' Bookshelf
Of Beauty and Philately
74 Product Information
New products, literature, and Web sites
80 Lighter Elements
Humor from readers' labs . . . plus a cartoon.