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February 1999
Volume 8, Number 2


36 LC/MS Sample Preparation
Biological and environmental samples require special handling techniques.
Jack Henion, Edward Brewer, and Geoffrey S. Rule
45 The History of the NIST/EPA/NIH Mass Spectral Database
Developed in the 1970s, this system has become the backbone of today's GC/MS identification methods.
Stephen R. Heller
52 Venice: A Center for Green Chemistry on the Continent
European chemists are developing environmentally and socially responsible production processes.
Pietro Tundo and Joseph J. Breen


7 For Openers
Coming Next Month: "Made to Measure"
James F. Ryan
9 Letters
Feedback from our readers
10 Update
News in brief--business, government, science
15 Computers in Chemistry
Narrowing the Definition of Chemometrics
Computerized data analysis can reveal hidden patterns.
Terrance A. Rooney
21 Lab Products Notebook
Show Me the Data
Software enables graphical presentation of chromatography information.
Dennis K. O'Hare
27 Keeping Up
Meetings, conferences, and short courses
31 Workplace Perspectives
Preparing and Presenting Scientific Posters
Will you be one of the 600 presenters at Pittcon?
John K. Borchardt
61 Industry Today
The Euro Transition: A Manager's-Eye View
U.S. firms with European subsidiaries should be prepared.
Milton Zall
67 Health Perspectives
Internet Health Information
Seek and ye shall find . . . a flood.
Mary Ann Ryan
75 Personal Business
Is It Time To Switch to Bonds?
Also:Perhaps, if you tire of the roller-coaster ride of stocks.
Dickinson J. Miller
79 Regulations and You
Stepping up Brownfield Development
Innovative on-site measurements may aid remediation.
Andrea Kinney
85 The Way We Were
Synthetic Dyes and German Industry
Queen Victoria started a color fashion wave.
Christopher S. W. Koehler
93 Pittcon '99 Preview
Memories and "The Mouse"
A 50th anniversary symposium; an evening at Disney.
99 The Chemists' Bookshelf
Three Decades of Separation
100 Product Information
New products, literature, and Web sites
108 Lighter Elements
Humorous tales from readers' labs and lives.