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March 1999
Volume 8, Number 3


Made to Measure
10 Instrumentation Hall of Fame
The luminaries of the analytical instrument business.
Julie Poudrier and Joan Moynihan
40 A History of Analytical Instrumentation
Five sections and a pull-out poster trace the time spectrum of instrumentation in science and society.
Mark S. Lesney
98 The Quiet Partnership
The analytical instrument business and the government.
Britt Erickson, Celia Henry, Jim Kling, Hanns-J. Neubert, Elizabeth Zubritsky
148 Looking Ahead
Toward the next half century of analytical instrumentation.
Alexander Nibley and Lawrence S. Schmid
156 Gathering Dust in the Attic?
A guide to the Antiquities Museum at Pittcon '99.
Felicia Wach


7 For Openers
"Send It Off to the Lab."
James F. Ryan
168 Update
News in brief--business, government, science
173 Keeping Up
Meetings, conferences, and short courses
175 Health Perspectives
Just What the Doctor Ordered
Blood chemistry tests: What are they, why are they done, and how effective are they?
Mary Ann Ryan
183 Personal Business
For European Travels, Check Your VAT
Many American travelers and companies neglect to seek tax refunds.
Milton Zall
187 The Way We Were
From the Past Comes a Vision of the 21st Century
In 1935, industrial chemist Thomas Midgley boldly forecast his field's developments by 2035.
David M. Kiefer
191 The Chemists' Bookshelf
A Made-to-Measure Pair
Mark S. Lesney
192 Product Information
New products, literature, and Web sites
200 Lighter Elements
Humorous tales from readers' labs and lives. . . plus a cartoon.