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April 1999
Volume 8, Number 4


A Golden Anniversary Album of Pittcon
32 The 50th Pittcon meeting is presented as a photographic essay.
James F. Ryan and Bill Bachmann
39 Hot Topics: Mass Spec, Biotech, Martian Spec
Technical sessions and posters offered "something for everyone" in instrumentation.
Mark S. Lesney
42 Instrument Makers Get More "Dedicated"
Pittcon featured special-purpose analyzers for the pharmaceuticals and food/beverage markets.
Randall Frey and Julie McDowell


7 For Openers
The Name Game
James F. Ryan
9 Letters
Feedback from our readers
12 Update
News in brief: business, government, science
17 Computers in Chemistry
How TLC Can Keep Your PC Humming
Maximum performance requires a minimum of care and maintenance.
Terrance A. Rooney
21 Keeping Up
Meetings, conferences, and short courses
25 Workplace Perspectives
Risk Management in Product Development
One difference between fast and slow decision making is whether the process is formal or informal.
John K. Borchardt
49 Industry Today
Conferences: The Urge to Converge
Is there meeting life after Pittcon? The schedule for the rest of 1999 says "definitely."
John K. Borchardt
183 Personal Business
For European Travels, Check Your VAT
Many American travelers and companies neglect to seek tax refunds.
Milton Zall
55 Health Perspectives
Keeping Healthy on Your Trip
Global travel heightens the need for information and preparation before departing.
Mary Ann Ryan
63 Personal Business
Good News About Paying for College
The 1997 Taxpayers Relief Act has enhanced the value of states' savings programs.
Milton Zall
69 Regulations and You
Environmental Protection in the United Kingdom
A network of agencies with 16,000 employees safeguards the public's well-being.
Clare Gerlach
77 The Way We Were
18th-Century War Shaped the Modern Pencil
To end dependence on graphite from England, a French chemist found a new way to make pencil "lead."
David M. Kiefer
83 Profiles in Chemistry
A Criminalist's Work Is Never Done
An Oxford-educated physical chemist traded Yale cancer research for forensic pursuits.
Joan Moynihan
89 Visions and Validation
Mark S. Lesney, Helen Gillespie
90 Product Information
New products, literature, and Web sites
100 Lighter Elements
Humorous tales from readers' labs and lives. . . plus a cartoon.