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June 1999
Volume 8, Number 6


28 The Garden of Dr. Moreau: Plant Biotechnology as Chemical Enterprise
Genetically modified foods are the forerunners of designer "chemical plants."
Mark S. Lesney
34 E-Noses Are in the Air
The worldwide food industry is embracing sensor technology that emulates the sense of smell.
Randall Frey


7 For Openers
Food Fight
James F. Ryan
9 Letters
Feedback from our readers
10 Update
News in brief: business, government, science
15 Computers in Chemistry
A Neural Networks Primer
These systems are dynamic and adaptive; they can learn from data and discover patterns.
Hank Simon
19 Lab Products Notebook
Chromatographic Purification Aids Drug Discovery
Medicinal chemists use high-performance strategies to meet tough new specifications.
Michael Schulte
25 Keeping Up
Meetings, conferences, and short courses
27 The Chemist's Bookshelf
Foul Play and Fungicides
Julie McDowell, Mark S. Lesney
39 Industry Today
A Brighter Job Market Greeted Grads
In nearly all categories, hiring rates and starting salaries were slightly better for 1998 than for 1997.
David M. Kiefer
43 Health Perspectives
For Many, 'Tis the Season To Be Runny
Allergies afflict more than one in every five Americans.
Mary Ann Ryan
49 Personal Business
Diversify Your Portfolio in a Worldly Way
Emerging markets overseas may offer good long-term investment opportunities.
Milton Zall
55 Regulations and You
Are We Trading Clean Air for Dirty Water?
The fuel oxygenate MTBE has been found in groundwater that supplies much of the drinking water for the United States.
Andrea M. Kinney
59 The Way We Were
Pioneering Potash Production in the United States
When World War I disrupted U.S. potash supplies, brine from Searles Lake in California came to the rescue.
David M. Kiefer
61 Profiles in Chemistry
Tickling Science's Funnybone
An interview with Sidney Harris
Joan Moynihan
64 Product Information
New products, literature, and Web sites
72 Lighter Elements
Humorous tales from readers' labs and lives. . . plus a cartoon.