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August 1999
Volume 8, Number 8


34 U.S. Economic Tide Floats Chemists' Boats
ACS members report healthy salary gains and a stable unemployment rate.
Randall Frey
40 Learning Goes the Distance
Professional development for industrial chemists gets wired.
John K. Borchardt


7 For Openers
Best of Times?
James F. Ryan
9 Letters
Feedback from our readers
10 Update
News in brief: business, government, science
15 Computers in Chemistry
Retooling Lab Notebooks
Electronic record-keeping has real advantages for remote and team access.
Terrance A. Rooney
21 Lab Products Notebook
Choosing a High-Pressure Reaction Vessel
Sophisticated new designs meet safety challenges in synthetic chemistry.
Marc Hillmyer
27 Keeping Up
Meetings, conferences, and short courses
29 The Chemist's Bookshelf
Feuds and Feminism
Julie McDowell
31 Workplace Perspectives
A Chemist Looks at Creativity
Former DuPont researcher and manager David Tanner has literally written the book on innovative thinking.
Joan Moynihan
45 Industry Today
Pharmaceutical Employment Continues to Lead Growth
Economics, demographics, and technology are reshaping the largest industry segment.
John K. Borchardt
49 Health Perspectives
Maintain Your Medical Records
Those who don't know their own health history may be doomed to repeat it.
Mary Ann Ryan
55 Personal Business
Don't Let Errors Deflate Your Pension
Also: The new euro's significance for investors; some early tax-deduction tips.
Dickinson J. Miller
59 Regulations and You
Who's Minding the Food Store?
Several federal agencies work to ensure the purity of a vast and complex supply.
Clare Gerlach
63 The Way We Were
From Black Ships to Black Smokestacks
How 19th-century Japanese chemistry helped launch a 20th-century world power.
Richard A. Pizzi
66 Product Information
New products, literature, and Web sites
72 Lighter Elements
Humorous tales from readers' labs and lives. . . plus a cartoon.