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Global Top 50

Click on the "Year" buttons below to generate that year's data in the graphs, as well as update the rankings in the list to the left.
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{{point.Rank[year]}} {{point.Company}} {{getDiffAbs(point['Rank'][lastYear], point['Rank'][year], 51)}} {{point.Rank[lastYear]}}

Change from {{lastYear}}:
{{getDiffPercent(selected['Chemical Sales'][year], selected['Chemical Sales'][lastYear]) | number:1}}%

Change from {{lastYear}}:
{{getDiffPercent(selected['Chemical Operating Profits'][year], selected['Chemical Operating Profits'][lastYear]) | number:1}}%

Profit Margin, {{year}}:
{{selected["Profit Margin"][year] | number:2}}

Capital Spending, {{year}}:
${{selected['Capital Spending'][year] | number}} million

Capital Spending As Percent Of Sales, {{year}}:
{{getPercent(selected['Capital Spending'][year], selected['Chemical Sales'][year]) | number:1}}%

R&D Spending, {{year}}:
${{selected['R&D Spending'][year] | number}} million

R&D As Percent Of Sales, {{year}}:
{{selected['R&D As % Of Sales'][year] | number}}%

Change from {{lastYear}}:
{{getDiffPercent(selected['R&D Spending'][year], selected['R&D Spending'][lastYear]) | number:1}}%