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September 26, 2005
Vol. 83, Iss. 39

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  Table of Contents
September 26, 2005
Volume 83, Number 39
p. 1
President's Message
American Chemical Society President William F. Carroll outlines the society's efforts in support of hurricane relief and recovery.

  Cover Story  
Pollution In China
Violent villager uprisings over industrial pollution force China to face its environmental problems.
  Latest News  
  Quintuple Bond
Chemists synthesize stable molecule with fivefold bonding between chromium atoms.

Image Upgrade
American Chemistry Council launches its "essential2" public relations campaign.

"Genius Grants"
Three chemical scientists are named MacArthur Foundation Fellows for 2005.

Unprecedented Pores
Most porous substance ever could lead to new types of multifunctional nanomaterials.

Fine Chemicals Deal
KemFine will double its size with its acquisition of Avecia Fine Chemicals.

Hurricane Mayhem
Fierce hurricane season affects chemical and petrochemical production and pricing.

Seeking Relief
After Katrina, the chemical industry asks for various regulatory exemptions, tax favors.

Natural Chemistry
Plants and insects harness chemistry for survival strategies.

Destroying VX
Using a modified process, the Army resumes destroying nerve agent at its Newport, Ind., facility.


  Business Concentrates

SOCMA Conference
Organization will drop The Responsible Care program in favor of its own initiative.

Traveling Exhibition
Art and alchemy will be the focus of a Chemical Heritage Foundation and Philadelphia Museum of Art show in 2009.


  Government & Policy  
  Government Concentrates

Bayh-Dole Act
Technology transfer by universities has thrived under legislation passed 25 years ago.

Federal agencies seek new policies to address perchlorate pollution.


  Science & Technology  
  Science & Technology Concentrates

Drug Discovery
New therapeutic agents are discussed at ACS national meeting.

Researchers find D-amino acids in single neurons and subcellular sites.

Chemists should take every opportunity to dispel the myths surrounding chemistry.

Digital Briefs
New Software and Websites for the Chemical Enterprise.


  "Shaping The Industrial Century"
Modern chemical and pharmaceutical industries must recognize opportunity and adapt to change.

  Heroes Of Chemistry
Companies and research chemists are lauded for their inventions.

CEPA Group Visits Capitol Hill

Chemistry Degrees
ACS Committee on Professional Training summarizes information on 2003-04 degrees and institutions.


  40th ACS Midwest Regional Meeting (MWRM 2005)

57th Southeast and 61st Southwest Regional Meeting (SE/SWRM 2005)






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Cover Story
Pollution In China

News Of The Week
Unprecedented Pores

Government & Policy

Traveling Exhibition

Science & Technology
Microfluidic Biomaterial

Science & Technology

Shaping The Industrial Century