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October 3, 2005
Vol. 83, Iss. 40
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  Table of Contents
October 3, 2005
Volume 83, Number 40
p. 3
  Cover Story  
Gas Separation
Advanced membrane materials improve gas and vapor selectivity; offer environmental, energy, and cost benefits.

COVER: Membrane fibers for noncryogenic gas separation systems are manufactured at Air Products’ PRISM Membranes facility in St. Louis. Air Products & Chemicals photo

  Latest News  
  Hurricane Rita
Storm causes largest ever precautionary shutdown of U.S. petrochemical and refinery facilities.

Anthrax Advance
Total synthesis of a key anthrax antigen could aid discovery of a carbohydrate-based vaccine.

FDA Commissioner
Resignation of Lester M. Crawford comes as a surprise.

Ocean Biogeochemistry
Studies reveal nutrient cycling, possible impacts of perturbations of ocean chemistry.

Climate Change
UN report endorses storage of carbon dioxide but acknowledges prohibitive costs.

Shutdown of Florida fertilizer plant causes shortages of key water-fluoridating chemical.

Gibberellin Receptor
Japanese researchers discover a long-sought receptor for important plant hormones.

Lawmakers press to allow more oil and gas drilling, ease emissions requirements.

PubChem Resolution
ACS moves to resolve dispute with NIH over agency's small-molecule database.


  Business Concentrates

Shot In The Arm
Vaccines gain renewed importance in the pharmaceutical pipeline.

Global warming concerns threaten market for fluorocarbons.

Inspired by biology, start-up company offers new approaches to electronics manufacturing.

Despite dramatic industry growth last year, chemical prices and production show little growth this year.


  Government & Policy  
  Government Concentrates

Energy Policy
After Katrina, stakeholders push to expand oil and gas production, construct additional refineries.


  Science & Technology  
  Science & Technology Concentrates

Green Polymers
Benign starting materials for bioplastics are obtained from agricultural, animal, and microbial resources.

Young Investigator
Awards ACS division hosts inaugural symposium recognizing outstanding inorganic chemists.

Terahertz Spectroscopy
Chemical analysis using far-IR light attracts new interest.

Architecture Amid Cells
Researchers fabricate analytical tools in the presence of living cells.


  Career & Employment  

Employer Of The Year
Genencor's corporate values and good bene-fits make biotech firm a top place to work.



Comment - Extreme Outreach: NCW Tour

Fusion of Image and Verse
Multimedia and haiku celebration of the elements premiers in Washington, D.C.

Board, Council Act In Washington, D.C.
Board approves major new funding for chemistry.org, other society projects



ChemLuminary Award Winners Honored

LaMer Nominations


  Chemistry, A Terrific Discipline  




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Cover Story
Gas Separation

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