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Table Of Contents: Volume 83, Number 41: October 10, 2005

Cover Story

Ralph J. Cicerone

New president of the National Academy of Sciences and chairman of the National Research Council speaks about his plans.


News of the Week

Chemistry Nobel

Two Americans and a Frenchman split the prize for their work developing olefin metathesis.

Medicine Nobel

Discovery of ulcer-causing bacterium garners prize for two Australians.

Physics Nobel

Three scientists are honored for their work applying quantum theory to optics.

Rice Blight

Bacterium living inside fungus biosynthesizes toxin.

Reilly Sold

Majority stake in family-owned Reilly Industries is sold to a private equity group.

Honeywell Buys UOP

Dow sells its stake, giving Honeywell 100% of the petrochemical, refining technology company.

Lester Crawford

Members of Congress seek probe of sudden resignation of FDA chief.

Luring Lampreys

Synthesis of pheromones might bring unwanted sea lampreys under control.

National Chemistry Week

Celebration will feature a nationwide tour by ACS President William Carroll.

ACS News

ACS National Election Ballots.

Business (Suscriber Content)

Czech Biotech

Changing atmosphere nourishes industry.

Genomics Gold Mine

LineaGen makes Utah population database available to drug researchers.

Investing in China

BASF and Sinopec open a huge chemical complex.

Government & Policy (Suscriber Content)

Chemical Intolerance

Drug addiction shows striking similarities to hypersensitivity.

Minorities in Science

Meeting focuses on strategies to encourage underrepresented groups.

Science & Technology (Suscriber Content)

Nuclear Crime Fighting

Nuclear forensics field deduces radioactive material's origin, age, and probable intended use.

Colorful Focus

Contact lens makers rely on nanotech to make more sophisticated colored lenses.


Koji Nakanishi is engrossed by the ginkgo tree and its aesthetic and medicinal constituents.

Stable Electride

The counterion in an alkali-metal cryptand complex is a trapped electron.

Bone Picking

Researchers retrieve ancient DNA from crystal aggregates in bones.

Career & Employment

Working In Europe

At many companies, rungs on the corporate ladder are marked 'international experience'


Storied Tomes

Widely used chemistry textbooks have lively histories.

Library of Tomorrow

Chemistry libraries face a new chapter.


Pacifichem 2005

International Chemical Congress of Pacific Basin Societies, Dec. 15-20

People (Suscriber Content)

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