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Table Of Contents: Volume 83, Number 44: October 31, 2005

Cover Story

Materials For Space

NASA readies chemical and mechanical fixes in anticipation of inadvertent damage to the shuttle's thermal protection system.


News of the Week

BASF Cutbacks

Firm will shed three U.S. sites and cut 400 jobs to save $150 million.

Propylene Oxide

BASF, Dow venture into hydrogen peroxide-based technology.

Gulf Monitoring

No hurricane-related chemical contaminants are detected in the Gulf of Mexico.

Nanoparticle Detectors

Small-molecule-studded nanoparticles detect pancreatic cancer in mice.

Golden Anchor

Chemists create a light-driven molecular motor attached to a gold nanoparticle surface.

Schering Turnaround

Drug firm's positive outlook includes earnings that are triple those of third-quarter 2004.

Nanotech Registry

Double-barreled nanopipette allows fine control when depositing molecules on a surface.


X-ray photoelectron method is used to study ionic liquids in ultrahigh vacuum.

Business (Suscriber Content)

U.S. Contract Research

Chemistry services firms try to maneuver in new global environment.

Asian Contract Research

Indian and Chinese firms enjoy flourishing business growth.

Government & Policy (Suscriber Content)

Reporting Toxic Chemicals

EPA announces plans to lighten industry's load for reporting data.

Science & Technology (Suscriber Content)

R&D Spending

Scientists in academe enjoyed another good year in 2003.

Anticancer Agents In Wine

Oak-aged wine contains bioactive compounds similar to a commercial anticancer drug.


Portrayal of chemistry on reality TV show is not quite as professor imagined.


Women Faculty

C&EN's sixth annual survey finds that women remain underrepresented among full professors.



From "Asbestos & Fire" to "University, Inc.," seven brief reviews entice readers.

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