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Table Of Contents: Volume 83, Number 48: November 28, 2005

Cover Story

Atomic Imaging Turns 50

Field ion microscopy, the oldest technique for 'viewing' individual atoms, continues to uncover materials secrets with exceptional resolution.


News of the Week

Ice Core Record Extended

Analyses of trapped air show current CO2 at highest level in 650,000 years.

Pfizer Taps Incyte For Compounds

Drug giant advances a strategy of supplementing its internal pipeline.

Chemical Makers Seek Relief

Industry wants Congress to end drilling restrictions to increase natural gas supplies.

White House Honors Scientists

Bush names national medalists; exceptional mentors are also recognized.

DuPont In China

Under agreement with Chinese officials, Dupont will build a $1 billion titanium dioxide plant in coastal Shandong province.

Artificial Cells Allow Ion Entry

Porous inorganic capsules serve as models for biological ion-transport processes.

CO2-To-CO Route

Copper boryl complex catalyzes CO2 reduction in well-characterized system.

DuPont Accused of Inaction On Fluorochemical

Former employee says firm failed to address exposure to compound that breaks down into PFOA.

Electron Transfer

Clusters of water molecules can facilitate transfer of electrons between proteins.

Business (Suscriber Content)

Red Sun Matures

Contract manufacturers emphasize the need for greater process efficiency via breakthrough chemistry.

Profiting From Innovation

Research And Development leaders say they still have plenty of tricks up their sleeves to develop new products.

Government & Policy (Suscriber Content)

R&D Funding Tries To Keep Pace

Federal spending on research for fiscal 2006 is expected to rise slightly.

Science & Technology (Suscriber Content)

Drugs By Design

With little fanfare, structure-based drug design is filling development pipelines.

New Wrinkles In Uranium Chemistry

Synthesis of novel uranium-nitrogen compounds is helping to fuel resurgence in actinide science.

Hurricanes Grow More Powerful

Troubling trend points to the need for new strategies to deal with threatened coastal communities.

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