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Table Of Contents: Volume 83, Number 50: December 12, 2005

Cover Story

Chemistry At Play

ACS volunteers of all ages explore the "Joy of Toys" with glittering slime, bouncy balls, and other playthings during National Chemistry Week 2005.


News of the Week

ACC Launches A Revamping

American Chemistry Council to eliminate 41 jobs and focus on selected issues

EPA Analysis Called Faulty

Congressional researchers say agency's methods skewed toward Bush emission plan.

Biocompatible Polymer Vesicles

Vesicles formed from copolymer precursors could have potential biomedical applications.

U.S., Industry Plan Clean-Coal Plant

Zero-emissions power plant will produce hydrogen as well as electricity.

Ozone Hole Recovery May Be Delayed

Scientists predict that 15 extra years may be needed for CFCs' effects to disappear.

Action Urged On Science Education

Science board gathers input to direct newly formed education commission.

Shifting Light Into Reverse

A new material with a negative index of refraction could lead to new optical technologies.

Super Sponges Soak Up CO2

Custom-designed porous compounds exhibit unprecedented gas uptake.

German Industry

Wacker sells a stake to Morgan Stanley; Degussa may be considering restructuring.

Business (Suscriber Content)

Sharing Drug Data

Research chemists and clinicians hammer out a 'bench-to-bedside' information support network.

Aiming For Number One

Planned cracker will place SABIC's European arm among region's top polyolefin makers.

Government & Policy (Suscriber Content)

First In The Nation

New Jersey mandates chemical plant security measures to guard against terrorist attacks.

Science & Technology (Suscriber Content)

Lawsuit and Turmoil At Florida State

Generous chemistry professor is pitted against the university in a building deal gone sour.

Purge And Trap Turns 30

Analyte concentrator for gas chromatography enabled part-per-billion analysis of volatile organics.

Inside Instrumentation

Technology and Business News for the Laboratory World.

Career & Employment

Genomics And Clean Energy

Developing biotechnology area is attracting more than just biologists; there's a place for chemists, too.

ACS News

Petroleum Research Fund Returns to ROOTS

New director steers grant program back to its mission in funding petroleum research



Nobelist Henry Taube Dead At 89

Stanford inorganic chemist was a pioneer in the study of electron transfer.


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