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Table Of Contents: Volume 83, Number 51: December 19, 2005

Cover Story

Chemistry Highlights 2005

Key advances have been made this year in organic and inorganic chemistry, biochemistry, nanotechnology, and other areas.


News of the Week

A Modeling Coup

With supercomputers, first exact model of a molecular breakup is achieved.

Degussa Readies A Streamlining

Company to reorganize top management, weighs sale of construction chemicals.

DuPont, EPA Settle

Company to pay $16.5 million to settle PFOA allegations.

New Perspective On Reactions

Molecule's point of view reveals much about evolution of molecular dynamics.

Rohm And Haas Restructures In Europe

Firm to realign manufacturing, restructure electronic materials, and shed 400 positions.

BP Admits Safety Lapses

Company will spend $1 billion to improve safety at Texas City refinery after explosion.

Drug Majors Talk To Wall Street

Three firms weigh pipelines, patents, and research in forecasts for growth.

PET Project

Microfluidic device synthesizes medical imaging probe in multistep process.

Flexible Silicon

Processing mistake leads researchers to fabricate ribbons of stretchable silicon.

Business (Suscriber Content)

2005 Year in Review

Industry recovery continued in 2005, but it was hindered by high energy prices and disasters.

Finding Magic In Polymer R&D

Dutch Polymer Institute meeting spotlights research into new technology and applications.

Hovione In Macau

Pharmaceutical ingredient plant is an important part of firm's global network.

Government & Policy (Suscriber Content)

Clashing Over Hazmat Shipping

Banning hazardous materials on certain rail routes would not eliminate risks, industry officials argue.

Crunching Data

NRC panel is studying how EPA should select and use models for regulatory decision.

Your Government Inaction

Management turnovers and politics have stymied progress this year.

Science & Technology (Suscriber Content)

Materials Science Blossoms In Boston

Talks feature tooth whitening, electrochromic plastics, smart textiles, and nanoparticle studies.

Science For Peace In The Middle East

Malta conferences encourage stronger scientific ties to counter political strife in troubled region.

The $1,000 Genome

New methods aim to drive cost of sequencing an individual human genome to below $1,000.

Protein Synthesis Nipped In The Bud

Inhibitor of initial step of protein biosynthesis could lead to new anticancer or antiviral drugs.

Digital Briefs

New Software And Websites For The Chemical Enterprise.


Hard Lessons Learned In China

Books on China's business environment abound, but their quality and usefulness are uneven.

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