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Table Of Contents: Volume 84, Number 20: May 15, 2006

Cover Story


Striking photographs reveal metallic microscapes beautiful enough to hang in an art gallery.


News of the Week

Thermo And Fisher Agree To Merge

New company will be leading supplier of lab products and services.

Merck Biologics

Company acquires two firms with protein-based drug technology.

Artisan Molecules

Metal-terpyridine complexes form fractal polymers with aesthetic shapes.

Detecting Drugs' Influence

Technique reveals compounds' direct effects on protein signaling interactions.

Responsible Care

Industry says program obviates need to legislate safer manufacturing technology.

Bush Backs Suspension Of Ethanol Tariff

Dropping the duty on imports of the fuel additive is not the answer to high gasoline prices, industry insists.

Improvement Seen Across Industry

Most European chemical companies show growth in sales and earnings.

Dry Run

Desert beetle wings inspire high-tech, liquid-controlling surfaces..

Gast To Head Lehigh

Chemical engineer Alice Gast leaves MIT for Lehigh University.

Business (Subscriber Content)

Top 50 Chemical Producers

Latest survey reflects several mergers and another strong year for U.S. chemical makers.

Discovering Japan

Fine chemicals makers vie, with mixed results, for business with Japanese drug companies.

Committing to India

Wyeth's search for a new contract research partner led it around the globe to Hyderabad's GVK Bio.

An Experienced Newcomer

After almost 20 years of working with Solvay, Indian firm RSIL widens its contract research business.

Government & Policy (Subscriber Content)

Changes For Research At EPA

New science chief faces budget challenges and pushes for greater analysis of uncertainty.

Far From Safe

A rare case of anthrax shows more is needed to protect citizens from infectious outbreaks, terror attacks.

Science & Technology (Subscriber Content)

Archives For Africa

Royal Society of Chemistry offers free online access to its scientific journal archive.


Sex, Lies, and Title IX

Federal law banning sex discrimination in schools may do as much for academics as it has for athletics.

ACS News

Southwest Georgia Section Celebrates

Remote, rural section honors volunteers and thanks local industry for 25 years of success.


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