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Table Of Contents: Volume 84, Number 21: May 22, 2006

Cover Story


Scientists are learning the structural and mechanistic secrets of the exquisitely selective enzymes that nature uses to install halogen atoms.


News of the Week

Antibiotic Halts Lipid Synthesis

Small-molecule natural product is a potent antibiotic with a novel target.

Drugmaker Buys Key Biotech Firm

AstraZeneca's deal continues push of major pharma companies into biologics.

Supreme Court On Clean Air Act Case

High court will rule in suit over what constitutes an emissions increase.

Nanotube Speedway

Gas and water zoom through the carbon nanotube pores of a membrane.

Science Policy

Science Board Looks At Scientific Openness.

Another Good Year

Profits are up in Japan, but rising costs present a challenge.

Rail Shippers Decry Fuel Surcharges

Freight customers claim they are being overcharged as railroads add on fuel costs.

Analyzing Protein Interactions

Technique probes compound-protein interactions comprehensively.

Drug Safety

Faulty Drug Kills Five People In China.

Business (Subscriber Content)

Chemical Earnings Decline Slightly

Lower demand and rising costs continue to hamper results at 25 firms.

Strong Profit Gains For Big Drug Producers

First-quarter results signal that cost-cutting measures are helping the bottom line.

A Steady Start For Biopharma Companies

Larger biotech firms are starting to feel the same portfolio challenges as big pharma companies.

Angel Of Ailing Firms

Mumbai's Arch Pharmalabs grows fast by buying distressed drug plants and hiring new managers.

Government & Policy (Subscriber Content)

Push For Biofuels Seen In Farm Bill

Members of a key Senate panel plan to include greater incentives for biofuels projects in farm policy overhaul.

Collusive Payments

Generic drug producers are being paid to drop patent challenges, FTC says.

Funding Science At NASA

National Academies report finds the agency trying to do too much with too little.

Science & Technology (Subscriber Content)

Analytica Meets For 20th Time

Attendance drops at biennial instrumentation trade show but still exceeds organizers' expectations.

Sugars Attach Nanotubes to Cells

Carbohydrate-coated carbon nanotubes mimic cell surfaces and interface with cells.

Imaging Spin Noise

New technique is analogous to magnetic resonance imaging, but without the radio pulses.

Career & Employment

Finding A Niche In New England

Outside Boston's biotech hub, New England pitches specialized positions and a slower pace of life.

ACS News

Jacobs Tells Industry To Protect Innovation

R&D is not the place to cut costs, executive director tells Pittsburgh meeting attendees.


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