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Table Of Contents: Volume 84, Number 25: June 19, 2006


Pharma's Road Ahead

C&EN examines how the pharmaceutical industry, now on the defensive, is trying to win back the public's confidence and enhance productivity.


Web Feature

The Human Face Of Pharma

Seventeen individuals whose lives depend on, or whose livelihoods are affected by, the pharmaceutical industry offer unique perspectives on what pharma's future should be.

News of the Week

Triple Cascade

Asymmetric reaction constructs three new C-C bonds and four stereocenters.

Georgia Gulf Will Buy Royal Group

Deal will create a large, back-integrated vinyl products supplier.

Greener Cleaners

EPA initiative urging phaseout of NPE surfactants receives mixed reviews.

Aging Cells Get New Lease On Life

Small molecule is found to extend lifetime of mammalian cells.

Schering Shares

Merck's threat to derail Bayer's acquisition of Schering is resolved.

Herzenberg Nabs Kyoto Prize

Award honors the developer of the fluorescence-activated cell sorter.

FDA Combats Counterfeit Drugs

Agency will require wholesalers to track drugs throughout the supply chain.

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