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Table Of Contents: Volume 84, Number 28: July 10, 2006


Facts & Figures

Chemical industry data for 2005 show continued improvements in sales and earnings.


News of the Week

Spontaneous Assembly Revealed

Study elucidates key steps in molecular nucleation and growth mechanism.

House Approves Offshore Drilling Plan

Chemical manufacturers say bill will boost natural gas supply and make energy affordable.

Screen Uncovers Malaria Drug

Existing antihistamine astemizole has antimalarial properties.

Toward A Mimic Of Photosynthesis

Synthetic assembly harvests light in one form and transports ions in another.

Diagnostics Unit Changes Hands

Bayer agrees to sell diagnostics operations to Siemens as part of pharmaceuticals restructuring.

Chemical Arms Rekindle Debate

Republicans say Iraqi shells justify 2003 invasion; Democrats argue otherwise.

Big Deal Deadlines

Billions of dollars and assets change hands as deals close at end of second quarter.

Patterned Tapes Fold Into Devices

Planar fabrication methods can make 3-D structures with a variety of shapes.

Increase In CO2 Threatens Oceans

Report warns that rapid changes in ocean acidity may dramatically alter marine ecology.

Business (Subscriber Content)

Building A Business On Biodegradability

Finnish firm is expanding markets for body implants with novel bioactive ingredients.

The Trouble With Prices

U.S. chemical firms struggle with energy and raw material inflation.

Thinking Locally, Acting Locally

Nova Chemicals presses on as a regional player in a global business.

Government & Policy (Subscriber Content)

Murky Water

Supreme Court's fractured decision could curtail federal pollution controls in some waterways.

Chemical Shippers decry Rail Monopolies

In pressing for reform of railroad practices, captive customers cite lack of competition.

Science & Technology (Subscriber Content)

Going Green Keeps Getting Easier

Presidential honors reward advances in chemistry that promote pollution prevention and sustainability.

ACHEMA Takes A Look At Nanomaterials

Symposium, exhibition spotlight developments in nanoparticle production technology.

Whipping Up Metal Foams

Combustion synthesis yields unprecedented nanoporous transition-metal materials.

Inside Instrumentation

Technology and Business News for the Laboratory World

ACS News

Rumford Baking Powder becomes a Landmark

ACS, East Providence Historical Society salute baking powder manufacturer.

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