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Table Of Contents: Volume 84, Number 29: July 17, 2006



Chemical signposts on the genome's chromatin landscape turn genes on and off.

COVER: The cell's basic DNA packaging unit, the nucleosome, is shown in an artist's rendition. Courtesy of Joseph Roland


News of the Week

A Comet's Chemical Composition

Space-based IR telescope reveals assortment of substances in Tempel 1.

Vertellus Debuts

Arsenal Capital combines Reilly and Rutherford to form new specialties firm.

Silver Bromide Shines In Bacteria-Fighting Coating

Polymer-nanoparticle composite could ward off infections associated with implanted biomedical devices.

EPA's Dioxin Review Is Criticized

National Research Council report says agency may have overstated cancer risks.


China Calls Its Chemical Industry Unsafe.

China Wins Chemistry Olympiad

Taiwan, South Korea, and the Russian Federation tie for second place.

Psilocybin Studies Turn A New Leaf

Scientists aim to set psychedelics research on a sound scientific footing.

Dow, BASF Pursue Joint Ventures

Firms' projects aim to increase presence in regions where chemical production is growing fast.

Pharma Deal

German software mogul is leading the merger of two biopharma companies into one firm.

Business (Subscriber Content)

Changing Tides

Breakthroughs in manufacturing are making large-scale synthesis of peptides a viable proposition.

New Lines Drawn At Chemspec Europe

Exhibitors have segregated fine and specialties operations, but both sectors still matter.

Stock Indexes Fall In Second Quarter

Shares of most chemical and pharmaceutical companies drop; shares of biotech firms plunge.

Government & Policy (Subscriber Content)

Uranium Plant Gets License

New Mexico centrifuge uranium enrichment plant seen as key to expanding U.S. nuclear power industry.

Painting A Picture Of Global R&D

UN organization and Toronto researchers report on spending, gender, and immigration trends.

Science & Technology (Subscriber Content)

Still Blazing Trails At 75

Gordon Research Conferences celebrate a rich history of nurturing the frontiers of science.

Raven Hanna

A molecular biophysicist gives up the lab bench to follow another molecular muse.


Mixing It Up

New courses combine multiple disciplines in single classroom.

ACS News

Green Summer School

Graduate students, postdocs deepen their knowledge of chemistry and engineering that is benign by design.


Preliminary Program - 232nd ACS National Meeting

Listing of technical symposia, general meeting information, and more for San Francisco, Sept. 10–14.


Chemical Informatics

Informaticians help scientists cope with data overload.

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