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Table Of Contents: Volume 84, Number 33: August 14, 2006


Fine Chemicals & Pharmaceuticals

Producers are taking advantage of enzymes to prepare single-enantiomer compounds.


News of the Week

Two-Path Mechanism

Protective pathways may falter with age, sparking Alzheimer's neurodegeneration.

Plot To Blow Up Airliners Foiled

Expert speculates on the liquid explosives that could have been used.

Lost Lithium Located

Researchers restore confidence in standard picture of universe's birth by accounting for missing element.

Chemists In The Cross Fire

Israel-Lebanon conflict stymies academic research, disrupts university schedules.

Court Orders EPA To Control Toxics Emissions

Judge has harsh words for agency's failure to regulate air toxics.

Enzymes For Designer Carbs

New screening approach is first to allow glycosyltransferase evolution.

DOE Continues Nuclear Push

Nuclear waste reprocessing gets aid, encouragement in new department plan.

Firm Launches Cut-Rate Research Service

Cambridge Major Laboratories launches a low-cost contract chemistry business in the U.S.

Business (Subscriber Content)

Life After DuPont

Entrepreneurial scientists are finding new careers in the shadow of the big chemical company.

Helsinki Puts Out The Welcome Mat

Finnish capital works to overcome image of frozen north and make new chemicals agency feel at home.

Government & Policy (Subscriber Content)

No Quick Fix For Acrylamide In Food

Intense scrutiny has provided methods of reduction but few answers about risk.

House Panel Sees Gap In Technical Advice

Hearing discloses need for permanent, in-house science and technology resource.

Science & Technology (Subscriber Content)

Online Archives On A Bumpy Road

Digital repositories have garnered mixed reviews—everything from enthusiasm to apathy.

Twist and Stretch

When small stretching forces are applied, DNA winds up more tightly rather than lengthening.

Reading The Neanderthal Code

German-U.S. collaborative effort embarks on project to sequence the Neanderthal genome.

Crucible Secrets

Archaeologists examine early labware in search of clues as to why they worked so well.

Inside Instrumentation

Technology and business news for the laboratory world.


"An Unreasonable Woman"

Gulf Coast shrimper and environmental activist relates story of her commitment to protect Seadrift, Texas.

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