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Table Of Contents: Volume 84, Number 34: August 21, 2006


R&D Takes Off In Shanghai

Chemical and drug companies rush to set up corporate laboratories, straining the availability of qualified scientists.


News of the Week

Retaining Efficacy Against Evasive HIV

Darunavir analog to AIDS-virus shapeshifters: Resistance may be futile.

AIDS Progress

Lower drug prices are helping the fight against HIV/AIDS in poor countries.

Congress To Probe Oil Field Shutdown

Hearing in September will examine BP's management at Prudhoe Bay.

Dell Recalls Lithium Batteries

Energy-packed chemical reaction can lead to fire under certain conditions.

Nature Inspires Building Design

Energy-packed chemical reaction can lead to fire under certain conditions.

Avian Influenza: A Hole In One

Cavity in N1 enzyme of H5N1 flu virus could be exploited for new flu drugs.

Plavix Debacle

Gaps in a patent settlement open door for Apotex to launch generic version of drug.

Business (Subscriber Content)

A Modest Rise For Chemical Earnings

Most firms show increases, but total growth was just 0.4% at 24 companies.

Life After Zocor

U.S. drug majors offered steady second-quarter results, despite shake-up in cholesterol market.

Biotech Companies Maintain Stride

Larger companies continue to feel the pressure to bring new drugs to market.

Government & Policy (Subscriber Content)

The Last Of A Breed

Retiring House Republican Sherwood L. Boehlert reflects on his support for science, environment.

Yet Another Look at Science Education

National Science Board panel begins work on action plan to boost science education.

Heretical Position On Nuclear Power

Some environmentalists believe nuclear power must be one option to combat catastrophic climate change.

Science & Technology (Subscriber Content)

A Periodic Table Of Nanoparticles

Like chemical elements, nanoparticles of distinct types combine in definite proportions.

Biorefinery Gets Ready To Deliver The Goods

Italian levulinic acid facility is first to make targeted biomass-based chemical feedstocks.

Sulfation Code Found

Once thought to be simply tissue matrix, chondroitin sulfate is now shown to encode function.

Chicken Eggs

So ordinary yet so versatile, eggs are a complex scramble of chemical compounds.


Burning Issues In Chemical Education

Biennial conference spotlights communication, demonstrations, and food science.

ACS News

A Day At Camp Invention

Summer program lets elementary school students be scientists and inventors for a week.

Editor's Page



Technical Program - 232nd ACS National Meeeting

Highlights, listing of technical presentations, and description of exhibitors in San Francisco.

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