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Table Of Contents: Volume 84, Number 35: August 28, 2006


Renewable Energy

Department of Energy's National Renewable Energy Laboratory stands out in the spotlight created by President George W. Bush's backing of renewable energy research.


News of the Week

Remembrance Of Things Past

Animal studies yield key evidence supporting memory storage hypothesis.

Ashland Unloads Paving Unit

After the transaction, Ashland will deal solely in chemicals.

Biotech Rice Shows Up In Commercial Supplies

Trace amounts are found in storage bins.

Supersized Sandwiches

Aromatic hydrocarbon ligands flank metal monolayers in stable complexes.

China Launches Water Study

Government aims to improve access to clean water for 300 million Chinese.

Diamondoids For Tracing Oil Spills

Naturally occurring compounds can lead investigators to source of fuel spills.

Sour Revealed

Sleuthing pegs taste-bud cells, proteins dedicated to sensing sour substances.

Antibody Could Lead To Anthrax Test

Antibody-based technique might provide advantages over PCR procedure.

Biomedical Research

Stem Cells Created Without Destroying Embryos.

Business (Subscriber Content)

Reconnecting To Science

Pharma research conference looks beyond the 'blockbuster' business model.

Pushing Moore's Law

More powerful chips may someday require the semiconductor industry to take its cues from biology.

Speedy Discovery

Kalypsys hopes to accelerate the flow of high-quality drug candidates into the clinic.

Government & Policy (Subscriber Content)

Homeland Security Research At EPA

Investigations aim to protect water systems, detect contamination, facilitate cleanup, and assess risk.

Science & Technology (Subscriber Content)

Putting A Spin On Electronics

Potential for advanced technologies drives search for room-temperature magnetic semiconductors.

Chemistry Innovation Network Is Set Up In U.K.

Knowledge-transfer organization aims to benefit British chemistry-using industries.

Anniversary Of RNA Double-Helix Discovery

Structure was created in the lab by carrying out the first nucleic acid hybridization reaction.

The Dope On Testosterone Tests

Sound drug-testing procedures provide facts but don't determine the fate of athletes caught cheating.

New Products

New and notable in the chemical industry.

Vine Art

Art and science blend on the West Coast to create outstanding wine.

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