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Table Of Contents: Volume 84, Number 39: September 25, 2006


Drugs To Fight Addictions

A better understanding of the mechanisms of drug and alcohol dependence is helping to further development and use of pharmacotherapies against addictions.


News of the Week

Individual Insects Make Signature Venoms

Walking stick study hints at chemical biodiversity in these insects.

Congress Tackles NIH Reform

House Energy & Commerce Committee approves legislation to reauthorize agency.

Germany's Merck To Acquire Serono

Surprise deal follows failed merger attempts by both firms earlier this year.

Antimalarial Agent Hits Novel Enzyme

Identification of a fresh target in malaria parasite could lead to new class of drugs.

WHO Endorses Indoor Spraying With DDT

Controversial pesticide is safe and effective against malaria, world health body says.

Perkin Medal Goes To James Stevens

Chemist honored for work developing polymerization catalysts, new polymers.

Women In Science Face Widespread Bias

Barriers still thwart women seeking faculty and leadership positions, study finds.


Intel, UCSB develop hybrid laser.

Business (Subscriber Content)

Arming Antibodies

Antibodies loaded with highly potent drugs are finally making their way into the clinic.

Lanxess Prospers

Company has overcome massive debt and money-losing businesses and now seeks acquisitions.

Indian Firms Go Global

Acquisition of beleaguered fine chemicals assets represents an inroad to the Western market.

Complying with FDA

A growing number of Asian pharmaceutical chemical producers take steps to meet U.S. standards.

Government & Policy (Subscriber Content)

Jack Gerard Shakes Up ACC

Goal is to transform a leaner American Chemistry Council into a more potent political force.

To A Nuclear Future

Congress members back nuclear power but find little agreement on federal aid to spur development.

A Milestone Of Note

The Army has destroyed 50% of all munitions in the U.S. chemical weapons stockpile.

Science & Technology (Subscriber Content)

ACS Meeting Potpourri

Diverse research presented includes molecular knots and musical chemical reactions.

Farm Emissions Control

Research aims to characterize and control odors and VOC emissions from livestock.

Planning For Nuclear Energy R&D

DOE workshop draws nuclear scientists and engineers to identify key research needs.

Much Ado About Pluto

The former ninth planet's demotion has angered some, but it puts chemists in a good light.


Rational Perspective On Nanotechnology

"NANO-HYPE: The Truth Behind the Nanotechnology Buzz"

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