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Table Of Contents: Volume 84, Number 41: October 9, 2006


Richard E. Smalley

C&EN marks the 10th anniversary of the fullerene scientist's Nobel Prize and the first anniversary of the loss of this civic-minded nanotechnology pioneer. 

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News of the Week

Another Kornberg Nabs Nobel

Structural biologist is honored for work to understand how genetic code is transcribed into RNA.

RNA Interference

Two Americans share prize for discovery of RNA gene-silencing mechanism.

Award Honors Cosmology Studies

Pair shares prize for measurements of energy distribution in infant universe.

Gilead Buys Myogen

Hot drug prospect justifies $2.5 billion sale price, Gilead says.

Supreme Court

Court to hear cases involving Clean Air Act, huge punitive damages.

Brighter Prospects

After several dismal years, fine chemicals companies are seeing industry stabilization.

National Security

Congress focuses on security before adjourning.

Boron Attacks

Electropositive element pressed into action as nucleophilic boryllithium.

Cigarettes' Smoking Gun?

Acrolein causes DNA mutations similar to those found in lung cancer.

First Synthesis Of Platensimycin

Work could ease way to improved analogs of unique antibiotic natural product.

Brain Chemistry

Molecular clue links ALS to other dire ailments.

Business (Subscriber Content)

Propylene Oxide Routes Take Off

Freeing propylene oxide from its coproducts has been elusive, but new plants may finally make it work.

Moving Beyond 'Me-Too'

AstraZeneca's Boston site offers a window into how a big drug firm plans to regain its competitive edge.

Government & Policy (Subscriber Content)

Big Savings Through Efficiency

Dow is midway through a 20-year efficiency program that aims to cut energy use in half by 2015.

Evaluating The Safety Of Nanotechnology

Congress, National Academies report push for more environment and safety impact studies.

Science & Technology (Subscriber Content)

Targeting Telomerase

Researchers believe enzyme could be a nearly universal target for anticancer drugs.

Environmental Nervous System

Rigging the world with chemical sensors is a technical challenge with big potential payoffs.

Inside Instrumentation

Technology and business news for the laboratory world.


Life Beyond Earth

"Astrobiology: A Brief Introduction"

ACS News

ACS Board, Council Focus On The Future

San Francisco council discussion features advice on how to engage younger chemists as leaders of ACS.


Anastas Wins Heinz Award

Green chemist lauded for pioneering accomplishments.

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