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Volume 84, Number 45: November 6, 2006

Cover Story

Employment Outlook

Five-part feature explores facets of employment in chemical sciences and engineering, from industry demand to alternative careers such as patent law.

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News of the Week

Climate Change Threatens Global Economy

Near-term action is needed to avert dangerous impacts

Bioethanol R&D

Research pacts seek to bring cellulose-based ethanol to market.

NIH Scientists Are Unhappy With Ethics Rules

Survey finds many scientists chafing under year-old restrictions.

Elusive Natural Product Is Synthesized

Kinamycin C, an antibiotic with unusual diazo group, is created from scratch.

Science In The Press

Panel debates whether science gets a fair shake.

Chemical Board Blasts BP

Change in oil industry practices urged.

Step-By-Step Surface Assembly

Atomic force microscope attaches reactive polymer chain to a surface, one reaction at a time.

Protein Gel Minds Nuclear Gates

Nuclear pores rely on polymeric meshes to regulate macromolecular traffic.

Merck Is To Acquire Sirna

Move signals big pharma's confidence in RNAi therapeutics.

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Slow And Steady

Albemarle finds that a measured approach can win the race in custom manufacturing.

Recognizing Research

Government paper quantifies R&D's contribution to gross domestic product.

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Research Misconduct

Federal agencies handle fabrication, falsification, and plagiarism allegations differently, but all take claims seriously.

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Science & Technology Concentrates

Making The Cover

Scientific art on journal covers raises visibility, but does it still serve a purpose in the Internet age?.

C&EN Talks With Thomas E. Graedel

Industrial ecologist's work prompts scientists to plan ahead for possible limits on natural resources.


Out With The Bad, In With The Good

Better understanding of the chemistry of indoor air quality is making the office more tolerable.

ACS News

Comment - Doing The Right Thing Right

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