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Volume 84, Number 46: November 13, 2006

Cover Story

RNA Interference

Industrial, academic researchers develop synthetic delivery systems for RNAi therapeutics and advance candidates toward the clinic.

COVER: Double-stranded RNA. Illustration by Kenneth Eward/BioGrafx

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News of the Week

Democrats Will Alter Legislative Priorities

New committee chairs will shift debates in energy, environment.

Purifying Nanotubes

Plasma process selectively destroys metallic tubes.

Abbott to Buy Kos

$3.7 billion acquisition is targeted at the lipid management market.

Cleaning Water With 'Nanorust'

Magnetite nanoparticles effectively remove arsenic from water.

ACS Elections

Runoff needed to decide 2007 President-Elect.

Reactions Need Just A Pinch of Organocatalyst

Highly enantioselective transformations proceed with unusually small amounts of catalyst.

Bayer Consolidates

Firm will close two major research labs in the U.S., eliminating 600 R&D positions.

'Frustrated' Solid Sucks Up Gases

Discovery opens new realm of sorptive materials.

Ancient Teeth

Gentler laser mass spec method opens door to study of small and fragile fossils.

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Business Concentrates

Dow Sets Sights On R&D Breakthroughs

Chief Technology Officer Banholzer directs the firm's scientists to pursue raw material and process advances.

C&EN With Talks Shri Thanedar

A chemist from modest origins creates a formidable analytical testing business.

Government & Policy (Subscriber Content)

Government & Policy Concentrates

BP Explosion Under Scrutiny

Many companies tolerate risky practices that may lead to deadly accidents, chemical safety board says.

The Nuclear Weapons Dilemma

There is desperate need for strong leadership and fresh thinking to keep nuclear weapons under control.

Science & Technology (Subscriber Content)

Science & Technology Concentrates

A China-California Connection

French chemist carries out phosphorus research with one foot in the U.S. and the other in China.

Meeting Briefs

Presentations made during the annual meetings of the Swiss Academy of Sciences and the Swiss Chemical Society, held jointly in Zurich on Oct. 12-13

Inside Instrumentation

Technology and Business news for the laboratory world.

ACS News

Comment - ACS's Strategic Relationships

Editor's Page

The Energy Commons

The Departments (Subscriber Content)



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