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Volume 84, Number 47: November 20, 2006

Cover Story

Better Energy Through Chemistry

By supporting new energy creation techniques, specialty chemical companies are turning the oil and gas price run-up into a business opportunity.

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News of the Week

Driving A Spike Into Viruses

Polymers poke holes in lipid bilayers to kill viruses and pathogenic bacteria.

Clariant Revamps Again

Latest plan promises to deliver improvements.

Breath Test

No-prep method analyzes nonvolatile components in breath.

Japan Shines

Profits at top chemical makers keep on rising.

Renewable Energy

RAND Corp. says big gains can be achieved at little cost.

Responsible Nanotechnology

Scientists set five grand challenges to guide nascent field.

Ancient Steel's Surprise Ingredient

Damascus saber is found to contain carbon nanotubes.

H2 Activation, Reversibly

Metal-free compound readily breaks and makes hydrogen.

Shell, Codexis Sign Biofuels Pact

Big oil company and small biotech firm are latest to pursue hot market.

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Business Concentrates

Earnings Growth Accelerates

Third-quarter improvement for major chemical companies raises hope for a good full year.

Big Pharma Regroups

Drug companies' third-quarter results provide an early glimpse of life under new leaders.

Biotech firms Keep In Good Health

New product launches could drive growth in upcoming quarters.

On The Auction Block

Though chemical patents were offered at this year's second public sale, they found few bidders, no buyers.

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Government & Policy Concentrates

Making Hazmat Transport Safer

Shippers, rail carriers disagree on methods to ensure safe transport of toxic chemicals.

Reading The New Congress

Despite new committee heads, national problems will remain hard to resolve.

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Science & Technology Concentrates

Walking The Line

Protein motors march cargo to the extremities of a cell and drag apart DNA during mitosis.

Complexity To Live By

This year's Nobel Prize In Chemistry highlights the elegant complexity biology musters to read genes.

Largest Synthetic Hetero-Oligosaccharide

Milestone could lead to better understanding of major bacterial diseases.


A journal metric could help librarians balance budget demands with research community's needs.

Digital Briefs

New Software and Websites for the Chemical Enterprise.

Career & Employment

Drug Discovery And Development

To succeed in the pharmaceutical industry, chemists must have special skills and work across disciplines.

ACS News

Comment - Project SEED: How To Get Involved

On Tour With ACS Speaker Service

C&EN goes on the road to learn about one of the society's oldest and most beloved volunteer programs.

Tide Honored As Historic Landmark

For 60 years, the synthetic laundry detergent has been the cure for washday blues.

Waters Sponsors Two ACS Awards

IIASA Young Scientists Summer Program 2007

¡Viva la Química!

Awards (Subscriber Content)

Competition Opens for NIH Pioneer Award

Nominations Sought for Gordon E. Moore Medal

Stephen Rees Wins SBS President's Award

Call for Nominations for Environmental Innovation Award

Yuichi Kitagawa To Receive Technical Achievement Award

Editor's Page

The Energy Commons—2

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