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Volume 84, Number 48: November 27, 2006

Cover Story

Thermo Fisher Scientific

Merger of Thermo Electron and Fisher Scientific creates a lab industry powerhouse.

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News of the Week

First Molecular Anion Identified In Space

Discovery of C6H- overturns conventional wisdom in the field.

Dow Exits Racing

Angus unit says nitromethane handling practices are lacking.

FDA Lifts Ban On Silicone Gel Breast Implants

Agency overturns 14-year moratorium.

Optical Eye-Opener

Optical rotation by an achiral organic compound is measured.

Hercules Consolidates Research Efforts

Firm puts innovation effort closer to senior management in Wilmington, Del.

Silicon Turns Into Superconductor

Extreme boron doping transforms archetypal semiconductor at ambient pressure.

Organelle Anatomy

Atomic-level scrutiny of neurotransmitter vesicles is a first.

Beyond The Periodic Table

Metal clusters mimic chemical properties of atoms.

Tax Break

Chemical manufacturers are pushing Congress to restore tax break.

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Business Concentrates

Intermediates Maven

Porton endeavors to stand out as an innovative and reliable Chinese producer of fine chemicals.

Eastman's Initiative

Company is betting on technology to lower costs and drive growth.

Government & Policy (Subscriber Content)

Government & Policy Concentrates

NSF Chemistry Gets New Leader

Clemson professor Luis Echegoyen takes control of division, unveils plans to reverse funding trend, advance research frontiers.

Science & Technology (Subscriber Content)

Science & Technology Concentrates

Globalization Of Science Rolls On

Growth of scientific literature remains strong, while the world of science continues to flatten.

Judging Science

Geologists applaud an intelligent decision about intelligent design.


Women In Science

Two new books offer women scientists helpful career strategies, insightful perspectives.

ACS News

Comment - Landmarks Program

2007 Student Opportunities in Green Chemistry

CAS Expands Access In Brazil

Chemistry in Times Square

Awards (Subscriber Content)

2005-06 Organic Graduate Fellows

Pharma supports 18 of organic chemistry's brightest young scholars

Naser Rezk Garners Two Awards

Applicants Sought For Gustav Ohaus Award

The Departments (Subscriber Content)




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