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Volume 84, Number 49: December 4, 2006

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Pharma 2006

In a dynamic year, the industry saw sales growth but dealt with patent protection losses, regulatory uncertainties, and lackluster pipelines.

Online Exclusive: Mergers & Acquisitions

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News of the Week

Aniline Catalyzes Imine Formation

Findings could prove useful for organic synthesis, combinatorial applications.

Financial Firms Buy H. C. Starck

Sale of metals maker will help Bayer's life sciences push.

Global Warming Case To High Court

Supreme Court weighs regulation of greenhouse gas emissions.

Supramolecular Extension Cord

Self-assembling photoinduced electron-transfer system mimics macroscopic device.

Atmospheric Chemistry

Air pollution controls nip NOx in the bud.

A Pipeline Push

Pfizer cuts sales staff by 20% as it touts its research program.

Reclassifying Nanosilver

EPA will now consider nanosilver used in washing machines as pesticides.

EPA Will Allow Some Pesticide Use In Water Without Permit

Industry says exemption provides regulatory certainty; environmental activists see a weakening of federal protection.

How Polonium Poisons

210Po carpet bombs cells with damaging α-particles.

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A Small Firm With Big Aspirations

Potassium permanganate leader Carus Chemical looks for growth in the Middle East and Asia.

Big Petrochemical Plans

Latin America, and Brazil in particular, is seeing no shortage of chemical projects in the works.

European Earnings

The third quarter was generally strong for Europe's chemical companies.

Olefin Dispersions

Low-viscosity waterborne dispersions enable thin, solvent-free films.

The Metropark Desk

Where chemistry reaches beyond the world of science.

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Anthrax Sleuthing

Science aids a nettlesome FBI criminal probe.

Untold Effects Of Energy Farming

Skyrocketing demand for ethanol feedstock could profoundly change the agricultural landscape.

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Scripps Takes A New Approach

Florida campus brings drug discovery to the academic arena.

Luminous With Promise

Visible even from space, the conspicuous chemistry of bioluminescence continues to open new research and technology niches.

Weighing Reproducibility

Researchers confront an array of issues and questions when experimental work cannot be reproduced.

Living Organisms Join The Jet Set

London biophysicist is developing jet-based technologies to encapsulate living cells.

Fungi To The Rescue

Biopesticide derived from mold has promise as a greener method for eradicating insect pests.

C&EN Talks With Jamie Ginn

Miss America contestant representing Delaware is a chemical engineer, actor, and dancer.

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