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Volume 84, Number 50: December 11, 2006

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In chromatography one-piece porous solids known as monoliths separate complex mixtures of biological molecules with enhanced speed and thoroughness.

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News of the Week

REACH Is Wrapped Up

Last-minute compromise ensures passage of regulatory regime by European Union.

Toxics Inventory Turnabout

EPA bows to pressure from congressional Democrats not to revise toxics release reporting requirements.

Bisphenol A Implicated

Study in rats supports hypothesis that the synthetic estrogen is linked to the rising incidence of human breast cancer.

Torcetrapib Pulled

Demise of Pfizer's hot compound raises questions about other agents for boosting good cholesterol.

NIH Researcher Charged

Scientist faces criminal charges for accepting consulting fees from a drug company.

Copper Capture

A copper-sensitive protein controls gene transcription in a who's who of pathogens.

DOE Promotes Nuclear Energy

Spent fuel would be 'recycled' until delayed repository opens.

Robert Parry Dies at 89

Former ACS president mentored students, studied boron, and founded an ACS journal.

ACS Board News

Directors approve 2007 budget, elect new chair, and confirm education director.

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Business Concentrates

Raw Materials Reality

BASF workshop aims at practical assessment of alternative energy and chemical feedstocks.

Ambitious Plans

Oxiteno CEO will take charge of its parent company and its expansion program.

Government & Policy (Subscriber Content)

Government & Policy Concentrates

Food Safety System

Contaminated spinach prompts calls for major overhaul.

Science & Technology (Subscriber Content)

Science & Technology Concentrates

Chemical Biology of the Cell

Symposium probed chemistry of nucleus, cytoplasm, cell division, metals, metabolites, membranes.

Inside Instrumentation

Technology and Business news for the laboratory world.

New Products

New And Notable In The Chemical Industry.

ACS News

Comment - Careers In Chemistry: Time For A Project Bridge?

Chemistry Creates Comforts of Home

During National Chemistry Week 2006, ACS volunteers demonstrated 'Your Home—It's All Built on Chemistry'

Employment (Subscriber Content)

Employment Outlook - Genomics and Proteomics

Exciting career paths await scientists with specific analytical and technical skills.

Editor's Page

Celebrate Chemistry

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