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Volume 85, Number 7: February 12, 2007

Cover Story

Custom Chemicals

Firms must adjust in the wake of declining pharma sales growth; metathesis technology moves toward pharmaceutical production.

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News of the Week

2008 R&D Budget Has Few Changes

President proposes continuation of last year's initiatives in science, energy.

Alan MacDiarmid Dies At 79

Nobelist codiscovered plastics that conduct electricity.

Pick A Shape, Any Shape

Mask-based lithography method allows researchers to make arbitrary 3-D shapes.

UN Issues Dire Climate Warnings

Human activities are responsible for temperature rise, panel's report says.

Eliminating PFOA

DuPont technologies will remove most of the pollutant from fluorinated products

Two Japanese Drug Firms Merge

Deal uniting Mitsubishi Pharma, Tanabe is Japanese drug industry's third in two years.

Undoing Brain Damage

Treatment cures mice of Rett syndrome.

Chemist Wins Gold In Million-Dollar Arsenic Challenge

Two other simple systems to remove arsenic from contaminated drinking water take Grainger silver and bronze engineering prizes.

ACS, Pharma Initiative Awards First Grant

Joint effort toward greening of pharmaceutical industry targets amide reduction with its first research grant.


Business Concentrates

New Life For Old Plants

Biodiesel has joined the mix of products that the chemical industry makes.

Chemical Mergers Intensified In 2006

Acquisitions of basic chemical businesses fell as those of specialty chemical businesses rose.

Government & Policy

Government & Policy Concentrates

Dustup Over Pavement Coatings

Texas city tracks stream pollution to sealant, then bans coal-tar-based coating.

A Long-Term Revolution

The growing dominance of women at graduation ceremonies is starting to filter up through the workforce with profound impact, but it's a slow process.

Science & Technology

Science & Technology Concentrates

Enzymology Embraces Biology

Some mechanistic enzymologists go over to the protein function side.

Research Ethics

Experts ponder how best to prevent and respond to scientific misconduct as three Japanese cases conclude.

Polymerizing The Unpolymerizable

Two-step process leads to new class of polymers from bulky 1,2-disubstituted ethylenes.

ACS News

ChemInsight: Enhancing The Value Of ACS Membership

ACS Unveils New Strategic Plan

Recognition For Nearly 1,000 50-Year ACS Members


2007 ACS National Award Winners

Cope Medalist Fréchet; Cope Scholars: Bazan, Charette, Louie, MacGillivray, MacMillan, Marshall, Shea, Tirrell, Tour, and Yamamoto.


Career Choices

Book outlines alternative career paths for chemists.

Editor's Page

Global Warming Denial

The Departments





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