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Volume 85, Number 8: February 19, 2007

Cover Story

How Ribosomes Work

Researchers tease out the mechanistic details of the cell's protein synthesizer.

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News of the Week

HIV Takes A Punch

Clearer picture of how antibodies bind to HIV surface protein could lead to vaccine.

Toray Will Boost Carbon Fiber

Growing aerospace use spurs projects by Japanese firm and its competitors.

Less Benzene In Gasoline

EPA rule aims to cut toxic emissions from cars.

Upbeat Informex

Companies expect a healthier 2007.

Mars Landscape

Spacecraft spots signs of fluid flow in rock.

Strength In Numbers

Low-affinity, multivalent interactions recruit antibodies to kill cancer cells.

Huntsman Divestiture

Firm completes exit from commodity chemicals with $761 million sale of petrochemicals unit.

Fixing Global Warming

Costs of damage outstrip price of cutting emissions.

Biofuels Merger

Diversa and Celunol plan new player in cellulosic ethanol.


Business Concentrates

Ferro Moves Forward

With legacy financial issues mostly resolved, firm focuses on growing businesses.

It's An Old Story: Productivity Rises

Output of chemicals per hour increased in 2006, and unit labor costs fell.

Government & Policy

Government & Policy Concentrates

2008 R&D Budget Holds No Surprises

Bush's proposed budget continues last year's programs, offers meager gains.

A Dubious Way Out Of CO2 Emissions

Paying to compensate for personal carbon dioxide emissions may not be as environmentally sound as it seems.

Science & Technology

Science & Technology Concentrates

Flipping The Switch

Researchers are learning to turn gene transcription on and off with transcription factors of their own making.

C&EN Talks With Erik W. Thulstrup

Danish spectroscopist aids developing nations.

Inside Instrumentation

Technology and Business news for the laboratory world.

ACS News

Women Chemists

Despite strides in industry, the biggest challenges for women chemists remain in academia.


Prescription For Success In Sales

Building and maintaining a productive lab takes hard work as well as a dose of fun.

The Departments



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