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Volume 85, Number 15: April 9, 2007

Cover Story

Building Up Nanotech

U.S. government agencies, states, and universities have invested considerably to create an infrastructure for multidisciplinary research.

Cover: Duffield Hall, Cornell University. Robert Parker/University Photography

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News of the Week

Supreme Court Puts The Squeeze on EPA

Impact of CO2 ruling seen in Congress, pending suits

Novartis Halts Zelnorm Sales

Makers of a Parkinson's treatment also pull drug from market.

Stem Cell Patents Under Fire

Patent & Trademark Office invalidates three key embryonic stem cell patents.

Auxin In Action

Crystal structure shows how plant hormone interacts with proteins.

Embargo Fallout

ACS is forced to drop Iranian members because of U.S. regulations.

Inventions With Impact

Polymers for chemical sensing and a process for alternative fuels reap prizes.

Giving Bacteria A One-Two Punch

Drug combo stymies development of resistant bacteria.

Chemical Plant Security

Department of Homeland Security issues final rules.

Multitasking Catalysts

Mix-and-match enzymes can catalyze all four isoprenoid coupling reactions.

Industry And Academe

Companies team up with schools for education and R&D.


Business Concentrates

Texas Hold 'Em

Petrochemical producers sat down in Texas to discuss how a global marketplace is upping the ante.

Gilead Builds For Speed

Biopharmaceutical firm takes the next step in securing an early-stage manufacturing base.

An Investor For All Seasons

Unlike other private equity groups, International Chemical Investors buys for the long term.

Government & Policy

Government & Policy Concentrates

Trade At A Crossroads

Chemical manufacturers urge legislators to renew vital negotiating authority for international pacts.

Arsenic In Chicken Production

A common feed additive adds arsenic to human food and endangers water supplies.

Science & Technology

Science & Technology Concentrates

Chicago's Feast Of Chemistry

ACS meeting spotlights chemistry of insects, oceans, optical devices, and more.

Digital Briefs

New Software and Websites for the Chemical Enterprise.

The Departments



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