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Volume 85, Number 17: April 23, 2007

Cover Story

Water Treatment

Chemical industry works to secure and expand the global water supply.

Cover: A girl carries a water vessel near Alem Kitmama, Ethiopia. World Health Organization/P. Virot

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News of the Week

A Crystal With A Story to Tell

Single crystal traps elusive intermediates in O2 activation by a nonheme iron enzyme.

Air Liquide Will Acquire Lurgi

French industrial gases company wants to boost its engineering heft with German help.

Top Brass Fear Climate Change

Retired military leaders warn of global instability.

One-Pot Route To Sugar Building Blocks

Method avoids time-consuming synthetic steps.

ACS Moves To Reinstate Iranian Members

Society applies for government license to resolve issue.

Frank Westheimer Dies At 95

Chemist remembered for analytical and imaginative approach to organic chemistry.

ChemSpec India Charges On

Trade show preserves relevance despite smaller number of exhibitors.

NIH Fires Contractor

Agency found that consulting firm evaluating chemical also works for chemical manufacturers.

Virginia Tech Shootings

Departments work to help students in the aftermath of a tragic day.


Business Concentrates

Refining Chemicals

Petrochemical makers are looking beyond the ethylene steam cracker as a source of olefins.

Shareholders Target Toxics

A spate of annual meeting resolutions challenges companies on product liability.

Government & Policy

Government & Policy Concentrates

Tracking The Chemicals In Us

Monitoring trace chemicals in people has benefited public health, but many challenges lie ahead.

Poor Performance

EPA's program to reward environmental excellence gets a bad review.

Science & Technology

Science & Technology Concentrates

Chromium Cleanup

Forum highlights a potpourri of new strategies for remediating toxic forms of this metal.

Cold Fusion Makes Its Case In Chicago

After 18 years on the fringe, the field is still trying to gain respect.

Honoring Madeleine Joullié

Organic chemist is a champion of women in chemistry.


New Education Tools

Web-based social software is changing the way chemistry is taught.

ACS News

ACS Honors Its 50-Year Members

Donors Invest in ACS Scholars Program

2006-07 Project SEED College Scholarships

Hunt Among 50 Best

ACS, NSF Support German-U.S. Student Exchange

New Frasch Grants


11th Green Chemistry & Engineering Conference

Editor's Page

Kurt Vonnegut

The Departments



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