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Volume 85, Number 19: May 7, 2007

Cover Story

Research Seedlings

As venture capitalists' priorities shift, venture philanthropists fill the gap in funding of drug discovery by biotechs.

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News of the Week

Supreme Court Rules On Patents

High court eases standard for determining whether an invention is obvious.

Chemical Arms Disposal

Watchdog group offers ways to make U.S. program safer.

Firms Advance Chemicals From Renewable Resources

More chemicals may be made as coproducts of the biofuels industry.

Sensitive, Selective Mercury Sensor

Nanoparticle-based colorimetric method detects part-per-billion levels of mercury.

Vaccine Advance

Product made in mammalian cells, not chicken eggs, nears approval in Europe.

Probing Element 112's Chemistry

The superheavy element behaves like mercury.

Scribbling On Ionic Liquids

Etching and erasing patterns on the frozen surface of the organic salts suggests a host of potential applications.

Multifaceted Catalysts

Platinum polyhedra outshine their spherical cousins in catalysis.

Academy Elects New Members

NAS elects 72 new members and 18 foreign associates from 12 countries.


Business Concentrates

Momentive's Moment

Silicones producer sets out from its former home under General Electric's wing.

Lipton To Receive Palladium Medal

Nova Chemicals CEO is cited for contributions to the chemical industry and his company.

Technology Transfer

Report claims universities focus on revenue generation in licensing stifles innovation.

Safety And The Industry's Image

Globalizing chemicals and ensuring safety are big goals that may conflict.

Government & Policy

Government & Policy Concentrates

Farm Energy

Ethanol and energy provisions in farm bill may help or hinder feedstock shift from corn to cellulose.

Encouraging Diversity

NSF Chemistry Division takes steps to increase presence of women and minorities in the discipline.

Science & Technology

Science & Technology Concentrates

Pharmaceutical Revelations

ACS Meeting News: Medicinal chemists disclose drug candidates for hepatitis, cancer, and other conditions.

Faster, More Sensitive 2-D NMR

Technique combines ultrafast NMR with hyperpolarization.

No Limits for NOBCChE

Annual meeting of black chemists and chemical engineers looks to the future.

Stable Carbenes Split Ammonia, Hydrogen

The push is on to make the process catalytic.

Digital Briefs

New Software and Websites for the Chemical Enterprise.

C&EN Photo Gallery

Abstracting the Expo.


Earth Day Haiku Contest Winners Selected

Calls For Nominations For Professional Relations Awards

Nominations Sought for I&EC Fellow Awards

Winners of Environmental Chemistry Awards Announced


Calls for Papers: Fall Regional Meetings

ACS News

ACS Comments: Speaking Up On Sustainability

Their Paychecks Versus Ours

Honoring Dehydrated Food Technologies

Editor's Page

Shanghai Revisited

The Departments



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