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Volume 85, Number 20: May 14, 2007

Cover Story

Personal Care

Ingredient makers devise elegant encapsulation systems to deliver active compounds to their targets.

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News of the Week

BIO 2007

Scientific innovation, commercialization are themes of biotech meeting.

Yeast Smells Explosives

Cells engineered to express rat olfactory receptors can detect DNT.

Climate Change

A price on carbon is key to mitigating CO2 emissions, science panel says.

Titan’s Haze

New data from Cassini spacecraft unveil surprising chemistry behind the smog.

Lanxess Wants Degussa

German chemical maker is "very serious” about buying its compatriot rival.

Dow Intrigue

Trio of lawsuits reveals clashes between former executives and CEO Andrew Liveris.

Patent Rebuke

Brazil won’t honor the patent on a Merck AIDS drug in order to import a cheaper generic.

Better Batteries

New family of cathode materials might boost the performance of rechargeable lithium-ion batteries.

Iranian ACS Members

Society reinstates 14 people who were dropped from the rolls owing to federal regulations.


Business Concentrates

Top 50 Chemical Producers

U.S. chemical results are still strong, but growth in 2006 was slow compared with previous years.

A Great Time To Make Fertilizers

Demand for corn-derived ethanol is spurring growth for nutrients industry.

Government & Policy

Government & Policy Concentrates

The Conundrum Of Autism

Institute of Medicine symposium examines genetics, environmental triggers, treatments for this baffling illness.

Hazmat Security Stirs Debate

Chemical shippers fight efforts to reroute rail tank cars away from large urban areas.

Perchlorate Pending

As pressure mounts for regulating a pervasive contaminant, EPA tells Congress it needs more data.

Science & Technology

Science & Technology Concentrates

Silence, Please

A variety of small RNAs turn down the volume on gene expression.

A Material World

Images of the aesthetic side of materials science.

ACS News

Technician Affairs

Committee champions greater recognition of chemical technicians within ACS.

Council's Recorded Vote on Petition

Editor's Page

Cover to Cover


Natural Products Niche

Scientists can find rewarding jobs outside academia or the pharmaceutical industry.

The Departments




Reel Science (Web Exclusive!)

C&EN gets tangled up in Spider-Man 3.

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