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Volume 85, Number 21: May 21, 2007

Cover Story

The Indian Advantage

Major drug companies in the West are expanding their research programs in India.

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News of the Week

Polymeric Quasicrystals

Organic materials broaden research vistas and could lead to new applications.

Japanese Earnings

Profits surged as indicated by full-year results from 10 major chemical firms.

Curb on Gasoline

President Bush wants to regulate and reduce vehicle fuel consumption, but he's in no hurry.

Spintronics in Silicon

Test device transports electron spin across a silicon substrate and detects the spin at the other side.

Mylan Wins Merck Generics

Firm will pay $6.6 billion for unit that will significantly expand its global footprint.

Chemical Security

Department of Homeland Security rule captures academic labs.

Dow Joint Ventures

Two overseas projects are part of firm's overhaul of its commodity chemicals business.

Amine Synthesis Gains Utility

New type of olefin amination produces branched allkylamines.

Keplerate Synthesis

Three simple ingredients from a complex metal cage structure with arresting symmetries.


Business Concentrates

An American Enterprise

Concerns stay local at the big North American plants of Germany's Degussa.

Chemical Earnings Growth Slows A Lot

Declines were confined to a few firms; Dow's plunge hurts.

Industry on the Mend

Drug companies' first-quarter results show early signs of healthier product portfolios.

A Steady Start

Big biotech firms offer stable results despite maturing portfolios.

Government & Policy

Government & Policy Concentrates

Supporting Science

AAAS science and technology policy forum focuses on R&D funding and science advocacy.

Science & Technology

Science & Technology Concentrates

Microwaves Beam into Bioscience

Technology that improves product yields and reaction rates in organic synthesis shows potential for biosciences.

The Prognosis For Chemistry

U.S. dominance is still strong, but growth in Europe and Asia augurs the flattening of chemistry worldwide.


I&EC Announces Division Fellows

Peidong Yang Wins Waterman Award

Kyoung-Shin Choi Receives ExxonMobil Fellowship

Eugene Garfield Receives CHF Award

Green Chemistry Proposals Wanted

Borchardt, Hidalgo Win biomolecular science Award

IUPAC Recognizes Young Chemists

Karrer Medal Goes to Steven Ley

Carlos Simmerling Wins Humanitarian

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