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Volume 85, Number 23: June 4, 2007

Cover Story

Single-Molecule Imaging

Fluorescent imaging of single molecules in live cells uncovers details of gene expression, structural proteins, and molecular motors.

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News of the Week

Direct C-H Amination

New method is first to catalytically convert allylic C-H directly to C-N, skipping conventional oxygen-requiring steps.

Chinese Drug Official Gets Death Sentence

Former regulator is found guilty of taking bribes to allow drugs on the market.

Climate Change And Security

Senate intelligence bill would mandate assessment of climate change's impact on national security.

Historic Biofuel Symposium

Sustainable research collaborations were the goal of a meeting between U.S. and Brazilian stakeholders. (Blogged as it happened by C&EN and ES&T)

National Medal Of Science

Chemistry professor Tobin Marks of Northwestern is among the eight laureates.

Fast Protein Structures

Simple route to determining protein structures uses only ease-to-obtain chemical shift data.

Picturing DNA On A Surface

Label-free method probes hybridization and chirality of bound nucleotides.

Declining Confidence

Market challenges dim the confidence of the world's chemical CEOs.


Business Concentrates

Plastics Revolution In Bioprocessing

With disposable equipment, Drug and vaccine makers are seeing advantages in cost and time to market.

Refueling A Biotech Growth Engine

As a key product stumbles at Amgen, the focus turns to the company's pipeline.

Oleochemical Makers Fear Oil Tax Break

Manufacturers claim loophole favors big oil companies, threatens tallow supply.

C&EN Talks With: Chris Lawson And Andrew Hacking

After two decades as execs, Dextra owners look forward to being scientists again.

Government & Policy

Government & Policy Concentrates

Chemical Security Gone Awry?

Academics say their labs should not be regulated under a new DHS rule.

Science & Technology

Science & Technology Concentrates

Brain Barricade

Researchers are tackling the grueling challenge of getting brain therapies across the blood-brain barrier.

Stripped-Down Synthesis

Phil Baran is Spearheading Natural Products Synthesis Without Protecting Groups.

Uncomfortable Issues in 'Phallacy'

Carl Djerassi’s Play Exposes Bias Among the Dueling Tribes of Science and the Humanities.

New Products

New and Notable in the Chemical Industry.

ACS News

Meetings & Expositions

An ACS national meeting takes about 10 years to plan, and one may be coming to a city near you.

Official Reports From The Chicago Meeting

Society, Board, Council and Other Committee Reports.


L'Oréal USA Awards For Women In Science

Peter Seeberger Wins Körber Prize

Chemical Information Scholarship Winners Announced

Melvin Calvin Medal To David Edwards

Richard D. Gilbert Award Winners Named

Naresh Dalal Wins Florida Award

Winners Of Franklin Institute Awards Announced

Green Chemistry Proposals Wanted

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Rachel Carson

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