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Volume 85, Number 28: July 9, 2007

Cover Story

Electronic Chemicals

The electronics industry's move to next-generation computer chips is challenging the ingenuity of chemical suppliers.

Materials in Motion

Risky Business

Tuning In

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News of the Week

Huntsman Receives New Takeover Bid

Specialty chemical maker Hexion bests Basell's offer by 8%.

South Korea Trade Pact

Chemical makers say agreement will boost U.S. exports to fast-growing Asian market.

Low Cost Catalysis

Researchers substitute inexpensive metal sulfide for precious metal in hrdrogen-producing reaction.

Styrenics Unite

Lanxess-Ineos joint venture is latest move in a rapidly consolidating sector.

Ancient Climates

Study of Antarctic ice core yields temperature record dating back 800,000 years.

Biofuels Push

Several companies launch projects to turn renewable materials ranging from algae to manure into renewable energy.

Pharma-Biotech Deal

Novartis expands its vaccines portfolio through a sweeping $366 million deal with Intercell.


Bhopal Revisited

An insider looks at the chemical and politico-economic factors behind the tragedy.

ACS News

Perspective: Chemistry's Long Tail

Three books describe a future for working chemists. Engage your fellow members by commenting on this perspective.

ACS Comment

Borders are increasingly incidental to ACS members.


Students Win Green Chemistry Award

Hancock Award goes to Arani Chanda and Jennifer Haghpanah.

The Departments




Reel Science

Web Exclusive Review: Sicko

» Business

July 9, 2007

Thirst For Power

Investors bet on advances in battery technology for electronics and cars.

Bracing For 'K'

Producers, suppliers ready wares for triennial plastics showcase.

Insights: Sweet Chemistry

Trial pitting Splenda against Equal brings science to the courtroom.

Business Concentrates

» Government & Policy

July 9, 2007

DHS Speaks To Chemical Industry

Summit on security regulations gives instructions and advice on what to expect.

Agency's Actions Set Off Fireworks

Drive to eliminate illegal explosive devices has gone too far, fireworks hobbyists say.

Government & Policy Concentrates

» Science & Technology

July 9, 2007

What's That Stuff? Leather

Tanning turns raw hide into a useful, durable product.

Green For the Greater Good

Presidential awards honor chemical advances that promote pollution prevention and sustainability.

Inside Instrumentation

Partnerships between manufacturers and academic researchers advance instrument development.

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