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Volume 85, Number 29: July 16, 2007

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Energy-efficient homes, offices, and labs save money and cut CO2, but require a sea change in values for many Americans.

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News of the Week

Persistent Organic Pollutants

More chemicals may have to be flagged as risky.

Huntsman Says Yes To Hexion

Deal kills a prior one with Basell but could face tough regulatory hurdles.

Safety Board Seeks More Authority

Federal agency says its lack of power hampers its investigations.

Roche Joins RNAi Drug Fray

Drugmaker signs a discovery pact with Alnylam that’s worth up to $1 billion.

Water Beyond Our Sun

Researchers Detect Steam On a Planet Outside Our Solar System Using NASA Telescope.

Shaping Particles The Easy Way

Simple method deforms polymeric spheres into varied shapes and sizes.

China Executes Drug Official

Former agency head was sentenced to death for corruption.

Methylmercury Detox

Hg complex provides clues to enzymatic breakdown of toxic compound.

Drug Regulation

House passes bill to empower FDA, renew industry user fees.

ACS News

Heritage Day Honors

Awards given to four who have strongly impacted the chemical enterprise.

Official Reports From The June Board Meeting

The Departments



» Business

July 16, 2007

Europe Rebounds

ChemSpec showcases a revitalized contract manufacturing sector and a growing role for private capital.

Stocks Climb In Second Quarter

Despite volatility, share prices rose; chemicals again beat drugs and biotechs.

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» Government & Policy

July 16, 2007

FBI Reaches Out To Campuses

Agency encourages schools to be more aware, communicative.

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» Science & Technology

July 16, 2007

Stopping The Tin Whisker Stalkers

Researchers aim to suppress filaments that sprout from tin coatings in lead-free electronic equipment.

Coping With Whiskers

The Five Stages Of Metal Whisker Grief.

Digital Briefs

New software and websites for the Chemical enterprise.

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