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Volume 85, Number 31: July 30, 2007

Cover Story

Sugar Medicine

Researchers are finding drug leads as they tease out pathways of cellular glycosylation.

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News of the Week

Chemical Firms Are Prospering

Most firms report double-digit growth in earnings in the second quarter.

House Bill Mandates Public Access To Research Results

Legislation would require free online access to NIH-funded research papers within 12 months.

Daniel Koshland Dies At 87

Former Science editor and biology professor promoted biochemistry frontiers.

Solar Energy Advances

New technology should lead to increased supplies.

Intellectual Property

U.S. patent office rejects four patents on Monsanto crops.

China Dominates Chemistry Olympiad

Russia and Poland place second and third, respectively; U.S. performs solidly.

Key Step Found In Latex Allergy

Allergen dimerizes before allergic response is triggered.

Chirality From Counterions

Chiral anions lead to high enantioselectivities.

Burning Paint

Chrysler and partners test titanium dioxide as power plant mercury remover.

ACS News

ACS Comment

Nominations & elections: A glance at the future.


Tips for Building Your Brand Identity

Marketing yourself well is important for early-career chemists.

Editor's Page

Visualizing Chemistry

By guest editor: Nancy B. Jackson.

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» Business

July 30, 2007

Confidence Man

Albemarle Chief Executive Mark Rohr is sure his company's good times can continue.

Women In Industry

In the boardroom and executive suite, women's participation is still minuscule.

AstraZeneca Leaves Manufacturing

British firm looks to China for its pharmaceutical chemical production needs.

Dow Sees The Light

With a little government help, the firm hopes to bolster solar power use in homes and businesses.

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» Government & Policy

July 30, 2007

Wading Into The Muddle

Bush Administration and Congress respond to Supreme Court restrictions on Clean Water Act.

Government & Policy Concentrates

» Science & Technology

July 30, 2007

Experiments Of Concern

Well-intentioned research, in the wrong hands, can become dangerous.

C&EN Talks With: Janet G. Hering

Caltech professor is first woman, and one of the few foreigners, to lead a Swiss federal research institute.

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