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Volume 85, Number 33: August 13, 2007

Cover Story


Calculations reveal stable but imaginary molecules that push the limits of what chemists know of chemical bonding.

Cover: Linda Wang/C&EN

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News of the Week

Easier, Cleaner Route To Amides

Simple coupling reaction involves alcohols and amines.

Foot-And-Mouth Outbreak

U.K. facilities may have caused virus spread.

Spotlight On Drug Research

Meeting attendees ponder routes to better quality drug candidates.

Competitiveness Legislation

Lawmakers boost spending in a bid to strengthen math and science education.

Akzo Nobel Ups Bid Again For ICI

Second increase to $16 billion pushes Akzo near success.

House Passes Energy Bills

Renewable energy would get boost through House bills.

Mechanism Of Unusual Antibiotic

Picture of lactivicin bound to its target may aid fight against drug-resistant bacteria.

Antidepressant Gatekeeper

Structural and functional studies point to tricyclics' mechanism of action.

India Patent Law Decision

Court upholds stipulation that new forms of a drug cannot be patented unless they improve efficacy.


George Tenet's CIA

Former director's tome is a fascinating history-even as he dodges blame for some of the agency's most egregious failures.

ACS News

ACS Strengthens Bonds Abroad

ACS Comment

Thematic Programming: From Sustainability To Biotechnology And Beyond!


Divisions Issue Calls For Papers

Calls for papers for the Spring 2008 ACS National Meeting, April 6–10, 2008, have been issued.

Sessions, Abstracts and Information


Get The Most Out Of Career Fairs

C&EN offers tips on navigating the ChemJobs Career Fair in Boston.

The Departments



Reel Science Review

Web Exclusive! Sunshine.

» Business

August 13, 2007

Tool Time

Instrument makers harness technology to pursue budding applications for their tools.

New Regulatory Era In Europe Begins

European Chemicals Agency opens doors as companies prepare for new regulations.

Business Concentrates

» Government & Policy

August 13, 2007

Chemical Safety Board Chief Retires

Carolyn Merritt led five-year transformation of independent accident investigation board.

Nuclear Weapons: Back To The Future

Statement of Bush Administration’s nuclear weapons strategy calls on science and technology for a new arsenal of warheads to last through the century.

Government & Policy Concentrates

» Science & Technology

August 13, 2007

Tips For Writing A Journal Article

Get organized, revise, and ask for help when you need it.

Science & Technology Concentrates

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