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Volume 85, Number 34: August 20, 2007

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Small molecules blocking the Met receptor could have an impact on a wide range of cancers.

Web Exclusive! The Long Road

Scientists worked for years to unravel Met's role in cancer

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News of the Week

Akzo Nobel bid wins ICI

Deal will mark the end of an icon of British industry.

Nanotech Survey

OECD countries are examining nanomaterials.

In Living Color

Nanoscale fluorescence imaging now in multicolor.

Structure Quality

Crystal structures in 'hotter' journals tend to have more errors.

China's Drug Scandal

Trial of five executives from manufacturer of lethal antibiotic product is under way.

New Chemistry Journals Emerge

Nature Chemistry, ACS Nano, and ChemSusChem are unveiled.

Azadirachtin At Last

After more than two decades, chemists succeed at making complex natural product.

'Evolved' Enzyme Has Unique Action

Technique produced a protein that catalyzes RNA ligation.

FTC Moves To Investigate Climate-Offset Market

Federal Trade Commission may create stricter rules for companies that sell carbon offsets.

ACS News

Chemistry Grads On The Upswing

Increasing graduate enrollments engender surge in 2005–06 graduates, with more growth to come.

The Departments




» Business

August 20, 2007

Soy Rebounds

Soybeans are once again garnering attention as a renewable raw material for polymers.

Chemical Earnings Show Increase

Aggregate rise in earnings among 25 chemical firms was 11.3% in the second quarter, with 18 companies seeing higher results.

Pharma's Mixed bag

Setbacks for blockbuster drugs sideswipe several drug firms' second-quarter results.

Biotechs Rely On Old Products

Second-quarter financial results reflect aging portfolios at big biotech companies.

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» Government & Policy

August 20, 2007

Shippers Face Capacity Crunch

Chemical manufacturers urge Congress to fix ‘broken system’.

Terrorism And The Chemical Industry

The national debate on chemical plant security raises false alarms.

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» Science & Technology

August 20, 2007

Coming Together On Catalysis

Conference aims to foster unified approach to field’s disparate topics.

Biochem Engineers Meet In Quebec

Engineers combine chemistry and biology to tackle an array of challenges.

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