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Volume 85, Number 40: October 1, 2007

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From Data To Drugs

Drug firms are collaborating to build an information management infrastructure to bridge discovery and development efforts.

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News of the Week

Clarifying HIV Entry Process

New details of virus's embrace with cell surface.

Outrage Over Railroad Fuel Fees

Chemical industry study says freight railroads are overcharging customers.

Permit Sought For New U.S. Reactors

Construction application is first in 29 years.

Tagging Natural Products

New approach yields target information.

Bristol-Myers Squibb To Buy Biotech Firm Adnexus

Purchase for $430 million is big drug company's latest foray into large-molecule pharmaceuticals.

AIDS Vaccine Trials Halted

Lack of efficacy leads NIH and Merck to stop testing.

Neutral Diborene Is A First

Unexpected compound's boron-boron double bond confirmed by calculations.

Nations Speed Up HCFC Elimination

Ten-year acceleration comes on 20th anniversary of Montreal protocol.

MacArthur Fellows Named

A chemist is among this year's recipients of the $500,000 'genius grants'.

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Newscripts by Bob Wolke

Chemistry can be fun with science friction.

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» Business

October 1, 2007

An Agchem Rebound

Sales in developing countries soar amid concerns about the food-biofuels balance.

C&EN Talks With Ma Jun

Tireless environmental activist seeks to nurture China's environmental conscience.

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» Government & Policy

October 1, 2007

Banding Together To Manage Chemicals

Precedent-setting North American partnership could have international influence.

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» Science & Technology

October 1, 2007

Chemistry, Biology Cross-Fertilization

Young field provides new tools for biology, new applications for chemistry.

New Tactics For Trouncing Migraine

ACS Meeting News: Alternatives could overcome limitations of current drugs.

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