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Volume 85, Number 41: October 8, 2007

Cover Story

Taking Mass Spec Into The Open

Open-air ionization methods minimize sample prep and widen range of mass spectrometry applications.

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News of the Week

Fine Chemicals Upswing

At CPhI, suppliers say they are spending again.

Teaching Science

National Science Board makes bold proposals for bolstering science education system.

New Anesthetic Avoids Common Side Effects

Blend of capsaicin and a lidocaine derivative stops pain but doesn't interfere with constructive sensations.

Turning Water Into Fuel

Silicide compound and sunlight convert water to H2 and O2.

Green Silicones Manufacture

Dow Corning will install $50 million in equipment to curb emissions and natural gas usage.

DOE Weapons Plan Needs Improvement

Science panel challenges nuclear weapons development process.

Novartis And MIT Study Drug Production

Ten-year agreement targets continuous pharmaceutical manufacturing.

Shrinking The Dead Zone

Draft report faults corn-based ethanol.

Mercury Tetrafluoride Synthesized

Elusive Hg(IV) species has been prepared in solid argon, neon.

ACS News

ACS Comment

A report on the summit on ACS committee structure.

Rising Stars Reunite

C&EN catches up with 12 women chemists it profiled in 2002.

First ACS Presidential Debates

BIOL Catches Spring Fever

Chemistry Olympiad Mentors Wanted

4th Pan-Pacific Conference on Pesticide Science

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» Business

October 8, 2007

Liquid Gold Mine

Scientists in Norway are plumbing the seas for the next blockbuster medicine.

DuPont Finds Itself

Company says it has completed a transformation from chemical maker to science firm.

Why Helium Is In Short Supply

Maintenance disruptions, new project delays mean shortages for at least two more years.

Arkema Looks Ahead

At first investors' day, 'young' French company charts road map through 2010.

Business Concentrates

» Government & Policy

October 8, 2007

Tax Break For Biofuel Targeted

Credit for fuel from fat sparks fight on Capitol Hill.

Hindsights: A Close Look At War

Ken Burns film tells hard and brutal tales from World War II and raises a host of personal memories.

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» Science & Technology

October 8, 2007

Close Your Hood!

Easy ways to save on energy costs include installing fewer fume hoods and vigilantly closing sashes.

Happening Hafnium

Once obscure transition metal is now garnering attention as a potential superstar catalyst.

Digital Briefs

New software and websites for the chemical enterprise.

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