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Volume 86, Number 14: April 7, 2008

Cover Story

Special Issue: The Priestley Medal

Surface Science's Sage

Priestley Medalist Gabor A. Somorjai has been advancing surface chemistry for nearly five decades. With Photo Gallery

Accepting The Medal In His Own Words With Photo Gallery

Cover: Mitch Jacoby/C&EN

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News of the Week

Inaction On CO2 Assailed

Congressional subpoena, lawsuit lodged against Bush Administration.

House Committee Probes ACC

Chemical industry's influence on EPA review panels to be examined.

Former Lubrizol Researcher Is Charged

Employee is accused of selling technology to competitor.

Trial Results Roil Drug Companies

Merck, Schering-Plough are under fire for withholding negative clinical trial data.

ACS Loses Leadscope Case

Ohio jury decides in favor of defendants' counterclaims against the society.

Rail Safety Plan Proposed

Tougher, more resilient hazmat tank cars required.

Antibiotics For A Meal

Hundreds of soil bacteria thrive on antibiotics as their sole carbon source.

Complex Synthesizes Purines

First evidence for the existence of 'purinosome'.

Pharmaceutical Chemicals

Dowpharma sells its U.K. operations to India's Dr. Reddy's.

ACS News

Special Issue, The Priestley Medal

85th Anniversary of the Priestley Medal

C&EN celebrates the American Chemical Society's highest honor.

Priestley's Medals

The medals of the minister-scientist who discovered oxygen attest to his fame and infamy.

The Priestley Medalists, 1923-2008

Living History

These 12 Priestley Medal winners reflect on winning ACS's most coveted award.

Gone But Not Forgotten

Celebrate the achievements of late Priestley Medal winners. Web Exclusive

The Departments



» Business

April 7, 2008

A Taste Sensation

Sweet and savory uses for biotechnology inspire flavor start-ups.

Rhodia Reorganized

With asset disposals coming to an end at the firm, CEO Clamadieu shops for deals.

Recycling Pays

Steady, profitable business of sulfuric acid regeneration boosts Rhodia's bottom line. Web Exclusive

Indian Case Tests New Patent Law

In initial ruling, judge weighs in favor of patients' immediate interest.

Business Concentrates

» Government & Policy

April 7, 2008

New Chief At CSB

Greater authority, more investigators top Bresland's wish list for chemical safety board.

Unruly Mercury

States may have to step into breach while legal battle continues over EPA rule.

Government & Policy Concentrates

» Science & Technology

April 7, 2008

C&EN Talks With: Angela Belcher

The MacArthur Fellow talks about tackling science from all sides.

Science & Technology Concentrates

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