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Volume 86, Number 15: April 14, 2008

Cover Story

An Uphill Battle

With short lives and uncertain profits, antibiotics are a unique development challenge for drug companies

Imminent Threat: Gram-Negative Bacteria

The Ketek Effect Web Exclusive

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News of the Week

ACS Meets In New Orleans

Chemists, chemical engineers hold joint meeting in the Crescent City.

Eye For Business

Novartis will pay billions for a majority stake in Nestlé's Alcon eye care unit.

REACH Preregistration

EU agency raises awareness about first deadlines under chemical law.

Pharmaceutical Purchase

Takeda buys Millennium to build U.S. business.

Toxic Socks

Silver nanoparticles intended to control odor release in the wash.

Grace Reaches Asbestos Deal

Settlement could allow firm to emerge from bankruptcy by year's end.

Energy Defines Sustainability

Presidential symposium lays out challenges and opportunities for chemists and chemical engineers in energy research.

Spying On Catalysts

Infrared method probes reactions as they occur in zeolites.

Cech Steps Down At HHMI

Chemist-president of prestigious biomedical institute will leave in spring 2009, return to teaching and research.

Courting Japan

Foreign suppliers of pharmaceutical chemicals affirm commitment to country's market.

Jungle Sky

Forest air can do more oxidizing than previously thought.

ACS News

ACS Comment

Your role in making ACS a premier advocacy organization.

ACS Honors Its 50-Year Members

Chemistry Graduate Student Symposium In China


Launching Corporate Careers

Recent B.S. and M.S.graduates ignite their passion for chemistry within diverse businesses.

The Departments



» Business

April 14, 2008

The Acid Touch

Rising prices for sulfuric acid have widespread industrial impact.

Reichhold's Comeback

Two years after a management buyout, CEO John Gaither steers old-line firm in a global expansion.

Petrochemical Futures

Although they have much to worry about, petrochemical makers remain optimistic.

Business Concentrates

» Government & Policy

April 14, 2008

EPA Science Investigated

House committee probe of industry bias in agency review reaches former ACS president.

Job Market Blues

States may have to step into breach while legal battle continues over EPA rule.

Government & Policy Concentrates

» Science & Technology

April 14, 2008

Bacteria In Clouds

Microbial meteorologists investigate how airborne microbes might influence weather.

What's That Stuff? Dryer Sheets

The science that gives clothing a soft feel and fresh scent as it prevents static cling.

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