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Volume 86, Number 37: September 15, 2008

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Ion Mobility-Mass Spec Combo

Adding ion mobility to mass spectrometry brings new levels of separation and information to analyses.

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News of the Week

Evaluating Nanomaterials

Research alliance will develop means to predict hazards of nanoscale materials.

Protecting Copyright

Bill would protect publishers' investment, alter NIH policy.

Ramping Up The Large Hadron Collider

The world's largest particle accelerator sends its first protons flying.

Transpiration Mimic

'Synthetic tree' pumps water with negative pressure.

Medical Isotope Shortage

Shutdowns of nuclear reactors in Europe are behind the crisis.

Chemical Leaders In Jeopardy

Clariant's CEO is ousted as Ciba's chairman comes under attack.

Energy Department Goes Solar

Using solar panels on its headquarters' roof, DOE is now generating some of its own electricity.

Ship-In-A-Bottle Catalysis

Zeolite-type frameworks serve as robust catalyst platforms.

Oleic Acid's Hypotensive Effect

Olive oil component lowers blood pressure through physical, not metabolic, means.


Elements Achieve Internet Stardom

Video clips featuring the periodic table of the elements strike a chord with YouTube fans.


Scents and Sensibility

A look inside the paranoid industry that manipulates fragrance molecules to find pleasure and profit.

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» Business

September 15, 2008

Building A Biotech Nation

Emory University teams with the South African government to lay the groundwork for a biotech industry.

Building Blocks

The start-up iThemba could help lay the foundation for a biotech industry in South Africa. Web Exclusive

Keeping His Cool

Honeywell's Ian Shankland is awarded Perkin Medal for game-changing refrigerants and foam-blowing agents.

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» Government & Policy

September 15, 2008

Science Competes For Support

Science and technology summit calls for immediate funding of the America Competes Act.

Insights: Risk Assessment

Proposed rule could further delay workplace health standards for many chemicals.

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» Science & Technology

September 15, 2008

Improving Catalysts For Fuel Synthesis

Studies finger the causes of Fischer-Tropsch catalyst deactivation.

Rethinking Schizophrenia

Advances could spur treatments for more symptoms than current drugs address.

Inside Instrumentation

Technology and Business news for the laboratory world.

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