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Volume 86, Number 39: September 29, 2008

Cover Story

Unraveling Breast Milk

Analytical scrutiny reveals how complex fluid nourishes infants and protects them from disease.

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News of the Week

Ellen Kullman Is Dupont's New CEO

Incoming chief executive will focus on expanding a transformed chemical giant.

Ernest Eliel Dies At 86

Organic chemist and textbook author made fundamental contributions to stereochemistry.

Elias Zerhouni Steps Down

NIH director will leave the agency by Oct. 31.

Solvation Observation

Experiment shows solvent molecules don't always obey theory.

Industry Weathers Storms

Hurricanes and Wall Street crisis just graze chemical firms.

Taming Alkyl Oxonium Ions

Fused tricyclic structure stabilizes famously reactive alkylating agents.

Senate Backs Wind, Solar Tax Breaks

Tax bill's final fate is unclear, but drilling ban is lifted for now.

Proteins Caught In The Act

X-ray scattering technique captures conformational changes on nanosecond time scale.

New Bid For ImClone

Bristol-Myers Squibb hikes its offer, while unnamed bidder could up the ante.

ACS News

ACS Comment

Why ACS? Why now?

A Centennial Stimulus

Milestone anniversary prompts ACS divisions to examine their efforts at preserving their past.


Launching A Science Career

Book provides fundamental knowledge for young scientists contemplating a variety of career paths.

The Departments




» Business

September 29, 2008

Growing Plastics

Producers of biomass-derived polymers will seize the day, if they can get price and performance right.

Seeking Full Partnership

Founders of Indian contract research organization Anthem strive for research alliances with drug industry customers.

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» Government & Policy

September 29, 2008

Passing The Recycling Buck

Federal investigators find recyclers willing to ship hazardous electronic waste to world's poor.

Shoring Up Copyright

Bill reinforces publishers' rights, forces change to NIH's open-access policy.

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» Science & Technology

September 29, 2008

Ionic Liquids Go To Market

After years of high expectations, low-melting-point salts are quietly settling into niche commercial applications.

C&EN Talks With: Stephen Lyons

A television producer's take on what makes good chemistry for the small screen. With Video

What's That Stuff? Instant Coffee

The popular drink's less popular, highly processed relative.

Digital Briefs

New Software and Websites for the Chemical Enterprise.

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